Gone Girl vs. Interstellar



I don't know how 2014 keeps upping itself but it just did it again. Interstellar is now the best film of the year! (by a slim margin)

Fincher beats Nolan here. Gone Girl is currently my favorite of the year and that doesn't seem likely to change.

gone girl

Gone Girl, from what I've seen, is my favourite movie of 2014. I reckon it beats Interstellar.

Interstellar. I enjoyed Gone Girl but I was really surprised with how unanimously well received it was. I thought it was only decent compared to Fincher's other work. Interstellar is among some of Nolan's best films for me personally.

Fincher's work is always more relevant and riveting than Nolan's. Nolan is pretty good though.

Gone Girl in a mugging...

Gone Girl by an inch.

Gone Girl.

Gone Girl was more engaging, had better performances, and brilliantly executed.