Gone Girl vs. The Dark Knight



Definitely Gone Girl

I don't love The Dark Knight like I used to. I'm also going with Gone Girl.

I really enjoyed Gone Girl but it doesn't come anywhere close to The Dark Knight for me.

TDK wins the day. It actually delivers the better story. Gone Girl has logic flaws up the wazzu but does deliver great performances.

Really enjoyed Gone Girl...but TDK is still the choice...

Gone Girl blew me away. So did The Dark Knight... Tenfold.

Gone Girl was amazing but I have to go with The Dark Knight

Gone Girl was one of (if not THE) film of the year, but TDK was one of the films of the decade. No contest.

Gone Girl is #27 and The Dark Knight is #3 soooo.......yeah TDK wins......

Gone Girl is really good but yeah Batman wins.

This is kind of ironic since Affleck is soon to be the next Dark Knight. I'll choose Dark Knight, but Gone Girl is still really great.

Gone Girl wins and wins easily.

Dark Knight for me

The dark knight is just too damm good

Gone Girl was more engaging but less entertaining, Heath Ledger helps The Dark Knight get the edge here although Rosamund Pike was fabulous.