Gone Girl vs. No Country for Old Men



on 7/30/2015

Holy shit! they're both amazing thrill rides. It's hard, but NCOM wins.

on 8/29/2015

Even though No Country is amazing, Gone Girl is on another level for me.

on 10/17/2015

Just realized how similar the feel of these two are. Both are intriguing, extremely engaging, and suspenseful as hell. Both are fuckin' A, but the dark, lingering meaning behind No Country Anton Chigurh gives me chills.

on 10/17/2015

Hated No Country but consider Gone Girl an instant classic. Not even close here.

on 10/17/2015

Loved Gone Girl, it's far better than Se7en and Fight Club, and it takes part on my top 500. But No Country for Old Men is a complete masterpiece and it's and cruelly hitting my top 150.

on 10/17/2015

I'm going with Gone Girl...

on 12/21/2015

Gone Girl is a great film of the past few years, but NCFOM is on another level.

on 11/23/2016

No Country by a large margin. And I really liked Gone Girl.

on 4/4/2017

no country

on 11/14/2019

Gone Girl surprised me more.