Life Is Beautiful vs. It's a Wonderful Life



Haha I think i'll pick It's a Wonderful Life that is Beautiful

Wonderful comparison, though hard to pick... I'll go with Beauty over Wonder this time.

These titles are so similar.

I can't remember where I heard this, whether it was one of my movie podcasts or a radio interview with a critic, but I heard someone say that while many people enjoyed Life is Beautiful when it came out, in retrospect it's pretty much "universally reviled." That happens a fair amount, I think -- see Crash -- and I think it's a fair conclusion to make about Life is Beautiful. I never liked it much, it's just so atonal and cloying, but I like it even less now. I'm not a Wonderful Life fan either, but it's held up better and over a much longer time.

Its A wonderful life but its closer than most would think.

Life is Wonderful

You See what I did there ??

Life Sucks.

Gotta go with It's a Wonderful Life, but both of these are great....