The Bourne Ultimatum vs. Kill Bill Vol. 1



While I appreciate the Bourne series's story more than Kill Bill's, they're both action movies at their core, and the shaky cam makes it way to hard to follow what's going on in the Bourne action sequences; the thriller sequences are nice and tense, but Kill Bill's visual style wins here.

Fantastic matchup that's pretty close to a tie. Kill Bill has one thing over Ultimatum: cinematography. It's first rate throughout. I personally enjoy Ultimatum's story and climax to its trilogy more than Kill Bill's story and introduction to its series. In the end, these are two top notch, glorified popcorn flicks. Nothing wrong with that either. Basically, it boils down to this: the overused lost identity theme vs. the overdone revenge theme. I prefer the former.

I love both of these films. Ultimatum is my favorite of the series while I actually prefer Vol. 2 when it comes to Kill Bill. That being said, I'd still take Vol. 1 over Ultimatum.

Yeah, Vol. 1 beats every installment of the Bourne trilogy.

Bourne wins this.

Definitely going with Kill Bill on this one.