The Bourne Ultimatum vs. The Bourne Identity



I thought this was going to be an easy decision.

hmm.. I don't know :(

Part 1 or Part 3? Uh... Refresh!!

'Ultimatum' is a fantastic closer to an incredible film trilogy and its set pieces and story outdo every previous entry.

Okay, this isn't difficult for me at all. I think The Bourne Identity is fantastic, but I believe that both Paul Greengrass films kick it to the curb. Having said that, my favorite of the three isn't an option here. Still, this is Ultimatum all the way. (Put up Supremacy and Ultimatum, and I have a harder time....)

The Bourne Ultimatum is everything I hoped the first two would be. So my choice is an easy one. The Bourne Ultimatum.

Impossible choice, sorry.


Ultimatum seems like a more fine tuned version of Identity.

I found the Greengrass films to be sloppy and uninteresting, whereas Identity was a refreshingly fun spy movie with some GREAT action and chase sequences. More impressively, it somehow seemed free from the entire Bond archetype, to the point that it even influences the newer Bond films.


Supremacy > Identity > Ultimatum Among my all-time favorite trilogies, so this ain't easy. My favorite of the trilogy is Supremacy, but seeing that it's not an option here, I'm going with the original, mostly because Ultimatum lacked the surprise element the original and its sequel had.

I'd have to say Identity. Ultimatum was great but I found it a little exhausting at times and Identity felt more believable to me.

Ultimatum had great elements that the first two Bourne films lacked, so it's the obvious winner here.

Both are superb, but I prefer Ultimatum, its the best of the series in my opinion.

The third one is the best.

For me, the trilogy got noticeably better with each installation: Ultimatum > Supremacy > Identity.

I agree with Nononsense. I also feel that each installment outdid the previous ones.


In my opinion it goes Supremacy > Identity > Ultimatum.

The first one gives us a good origin story, it has much better pacing and a far superior villain. Conklin and The professor were great parts in the movie, i didn't like much of Noah and Ezra in Ultimatum but the soundtrack, action scenes were solid. Still going with Identity, comfortably.

Ultimatum is my favourite of the three films.

The third part for sure.

Identity is better. Paul Greengrass is an awful director

Supremacy>Ultimatum>Identity>>>Legacy>>>>>Jason Bourne