The Social Network vs. Saving Private Ryan



Saving Private Ryan takes it out for me.

SPR. Better value.

Social Network wins. I love it. It talks about us young people and what we have the power to do, but we must not abuse the power.

The Social Network for me.

The Social Network is by far the better film IMO. That movie has grown on me so much since I first saw it. SPR is a tad overrated

SPR by a freaking mile. It's an amazing flick with great performances. The D-Day scenes alone make this a no contest. TSN can't beat a powerful film like Private Ryan.

not even close social network is brilliant.

Both are great, but Overrated, I'll go with Private Ryan.

I'm surprised this is so close. It shouldn't be. Private Ryan wins easily.

Saving Private Ryan, but both was fantastic.

Saving Private Ryan is powerful but The Social Network wins for me.