The Social Network vs. Barton Fink



Really, really tough choice...David Fincher's bio-drama vs. The Coen Brothers' postmodern satire...Overall, The Social Network is without a doubt one of the best films based on true facts in a long time and wins here.

Did Mark Zuckerberg truly show us the life of the mind? Both great films, but for me there's only one winner. Step forward Barton Fink.

For me, it's The Social Network in a big way. Barton Fink chocked full of great performances, but there's not much about it that I can connect with.

In my humble view, Zodiac had just come out 3 years prior, so TSN couldn't have been one the best film based on true facts in a "long time." And couldn't they cast someone other than Justin Timberlake?

"There's not much I can connect with". CONNECT WITH. Ah, the possibilities of jokes. Anyway, love Fincher, but The Social Network was surprisingly dull for me. I just didn't care. Once a chicken got involved I actually stopped watching it and I haven't returned to it. Barton Fink is an overlooked masterpiece from the Coens. There's nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

Gotta go TSN here. Enjoyed Fink though...

Both great. For me, Social Network's meticulous, sharp-eyed storytelling wins out over Fink's oft-times ambiguousness.

Hard to choose but I gonna go with the godfather over the good the bad and the ugly

2nd favorite Coen beats 3rd favorite Fincher. Both amazing though