Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness vs. Everything Everywhere All at Once




Both disappointed, so I'm just going to do what I usually do and go with Marvel.


Everything tried to make me care at the end but it was too bizarre for my taste. Dr Strange was more satisfying even though I wasn't blown away..


Second viewing makes the film come together and improve my opinion of Everything. It is still quite bizarre but that is part of its charm.. Both these films deserve a second viewing. There is a lot to unwrap in both films and they both tend to require a viewer to pay attention . Everything is the superior film.

I personally really enjoyed MoM, but I will concede that EEAAO's version of a multiverse was much more interesting/better developed... Also: EEAAO is just a better movie plain & simple. And again: I really liked MoM, it's one of the better MCU movies we've had these past few years in my opinion, but EEAAO is in a league of its own, comparatively.

MoM is a fairly fun movie, but it has a lot of strange and often weird narrative choices that I feel don't really work. I also think that even the visuals aren't really that good, at least compared to EEAAO. EEAAO, on the other hand, is better in literally every way. It has a tight script, it's more emotional, funnier, and even does the multiverse stuff better. The movie is better in literally every conceivable way.

no fucking way someone chose MOM