Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness vs. Spider-Man: No Way Home




After Eternals, I'm glad MCU is back on its feet with these two!

I swear, these two movies combined are the best thing Marvel has put out in years! They might not be quite perfect, but they're really enjoyable, and they each stand out from the rest of the MCU in their own way. I'm gonna go with Doctor Strange on this one because it was such a joy to see Sam Raimi try his hand at an MCU film; I really hope Marvel keeps him in the director's chair for future projects!


Yeah I love them both. NWH for now.

I also loved both, but I think Doctor Strange 2 will hold up slightly better in a few years

Both exceptional. Amen to that... "After Eternals, I'm glad MCU is back on its feet with these two!"

No Way Home has really good moments but overall it's just average, but what Multiverse of Madness did put it just on par with Eternals.

NWH stomps imo, MOM is much more messier

No Way Home is still the best MCU movie

MoM is just bad. Period. No Way Home outclasses it by a factor of a hundred. (and I love Sam Raimi) Strange 2 a huge disappointment. Sam Raimi did the best he could given the awful script. The movie is the definition of shallow and soulless. Nothing or no one has any depth and they went out of their way to destroy the Scarlet Witch and her legacy.

I really loved both, they're both top tier MCU movies as far as I'm concerned, but I think MOM will age slightly better.

Dr. Strange just SUCKED so bad.


This Dr Strange reminded me of Eternals. I prefer Spider-Man No Way Home.

Definitely Spidey here. Such a fun movie.

Definitely two of the weaker MCU entries overall. It feels like they essentially stopped writing half-decent scripts right after Infinity War. Endgame only really worked out because of the prior buildup. Probably shouldn't get my hopes up too high for Thor: Love & Thunder... That said, No Way Home might be the lesser of two evils here, as it has more nostalgia going for it than Multiverse of Madness, which, on the other hand, has characters acting slightly more rational (if that makes sense in a comic book movie).

Strange 2 is better than Strange 1, but that's not saying a lot. Both of these movies cram in fan service just for the sake of cramming in fan service, but in No Way Home it actually carries some emotional depth. And I agree that Wanda was basically assassinated, character-wise, in MOM.

Dr Strange 2 is a long, tedious, painfully incoherent exercise in giving the MCU a giant mulligan. No Way Home is a sliver of that mulligan, and operates more as fan service than a continuation of the previous two films' arc. I'll take Spider-Man, because I hate mulligans and retcons.