The Innocents vs. Repulsion



He's a great comparison. Two women driven up to and beyond the boundaries of madness by sexuality. Miss Giddens finds the subtle insinuations the her predecessor and the late gardener were less than discreet in front of the children, chime with her repressed inner life which spills out in the form of ghostly apparitions and increasingly demented attempts to remain in control. Repulsion is even better the imagery is intense and the tension is ratcheted up beyond currently recommended safety limits. Murder ensues. Catherine Deneuve and Deborah Kerr are immense, but I give this to Polanski.

Man, I thought The Innocents was boring when I saw it a while back. With this talk of madness and sexuality, though, I need to give it a second look. I caught on to the madness and sexuality in Black Narcissus, but with that movie I was actually interested in what was going on. There's no way I'd choose The Innocents in this matchup, but at least now I'll have something to focus on when I rewatch it.