Face/Off vs. National Treasure



Though 'Face/Off' hasn't held up the best, it is miles better than Cage's lame Indy rip-off.

I will always remember National Treasure as being the hurridly-released, annoying little brother of The DaVinci Code. Having said that, it's still kinda fun, but Castor Troy wins this one.

Hmm, tough one...Nicolas Cage is more over-the-top awesome in Face/Off, but I'd have to say that National Treasure is the slightly better film. Sure it's a rip-off of the Indiana Jones movies, but that's not a bad franchise to rip off. Nicolas Cage has to STEAL the Declaration of Independence in order to PROTECT it! Hell yeah!

Without question Face/off is the winner here. National Treasure isn't terrible, but at the time of their releases, both classified as mindless blockbusters. Face/off is at least aware of it's silliness, and for that, is (and will continue to) age much better than National Treasure, which is getting lamer by the day.

I would say Face/Off is actually less aware of its goofiness. Part of its charm is that it doesn't know it's goofy. It's like the would be class-clown that makes people laugh without realising that they're laughing at him and not at his wit. At least that's how I feel about it. As for National Treasure, The DaVinci Code comparison is the right one to make. Except (again, disagreeing with Ballsey's assertion that the film doesn't see its own silliness) The DaVinci code is all serious and thus a much dumber film. Treasure hunts and the solving of ridiculously cryptic clues with unlikely knowledge is silly by nature. National Treasure doesn't dress that up as something "profound", or some shit. Dan Brown is a good storyteller, but a bad writer.