True Romance vs. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang



on 4/29/2010

Two movies that not many people have seen but I recommend to everyone. I'll go back and forth on this one forever.

on 4/10/2011

well dammit this isnt fair. kinda have to go with true romance just coz some of the dialog is so classic that it is not to be denied. KIss Kiss is my sentimental favorite tho, and in the first team of movies i can watch again and again....

on 4/10/2011

Ooh, I think the dialogue in KKBB is better.

on 6/2/2011

I've only just seen True Romance, and frankly, I think I might consider it my favorite movie to have Quentin Tarantino's name attached to it. KKBB is better, though.

on 6/2/2011

True Romance for me...

on 8/25/2011

ya, these are definitely overlooked movies, and true romance is a classic but man, i think i have seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang soo many times and i dont get sick of it, if TR was a comic book, it would win over KKBB, but since they are movies.. KKBB for me

on 3/8/2013

True Romance by the ever so slightest of margins.

on 3/9/2013

Both are fantastic, but Kiss Kiss Bang Bang wins it for me.

on 5/5/2013

Shane Black slaps Tarantino's pen out of his hand on this one.

on 7/24/2013

Loved both, KKBB wins

on 3/20/2017

This one's actually easy for me. True Romance gets the win

on 3/17/2019

I have both ranked reasonably high, but gotta go with True Romance...more violent, but also more epic. It's like a modern Romeo and Juliet, if they had decided to run off together instead of killing themselves.