Saving Private Ryan vs. Forrest Gump



Wow...Tom Hank's best a nose, Forrest Gump

I agree. Forrest Gump. It just has more going on, more to hook into.

I strongly dislike both of these movies, but watching an idiot dance through the latter half of 20th century history is too much to stomach. At least Saving Private Ryan has the slam bang opening.

Let me just put it this way, only one film gives you the satisfaction of Tom Hanks dying (SPOILER!!!).

Private Ryan is too brutal for me to genuinely like it. I more appreciate it as a good movie. Forrest Gump, meanwhile, I really enjoy.


Tough decision for me. Hmmm. I'll go with Private Ryan.

Gump Rulz. War hero AND Ping Pong champion! (Besides being a deeper and more entertaining film)

I love Tom Hanks! Tough pick. I'm going with Saving Private Ryan.

For me it's definintely Saving Private Ryan. I like Gump, but I feel like it's been ruined by it's overrated-ness.

2 of Tom Hanks best movies; for me Saving Private Ryan. Its just awesome

WW2 has always fansinated me and despite the movie not being as thematic I found Saving Private Ryan more entertaining.

Forrest Gump is fantastic, but I can't sit down and watch it as much as Saving Private Ryan.


Saving Private Ryan wins here big time.

i luv u jenneh

Okay, it's perfectly fine to say Forrest Gump is more entertaining, but NO WAY IN HELL IS IT DEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!! FORREST GUMP IS FUCKING SHALLOW!!!!!!! Great movie, but it is not that deep. Now that I've established that, Saving Private Ryan is vastly superior.

I can watch Forrest Gump forever

Both of these films are amazing. I'll have to go with Forrest Gump for now.

I have to go with Forrest Gump because it was Tom Hanks' best performance.

love Both films both are epic and classic but going with Forrest Gump its original heartfelt and funny the soundtrack alone is impressive.Private Ryan is my Favorite WW2 film but Gump Takes this.

Saving Private Ryan is the bigger technical achievement and displays arguably the best performance of Tom Hanks' career.

Forrest gump shows the better hanks performance but private ryan is something special for me.Saving private ryan is one of my all time favourite movie.private ryan wins

Saving Private Ryan owns Forrest Gump...


Nothing wrong with Gump but I just like Saving Private Ryan more.