Saving Private Ryan vs. The Truman Show



What the hell.. :(

completely unfair.

Tough one. Truman has the plot and the ideas. Ryan has the gut-loosening, knee-weakening action. Ultimately I have to pick Saving Private Ryan. It's sequences of brilliance far outweigh the weaknesses of the remainder of the movie. The Truman Show is more consistent, but fails to come close to the peaks that Saving Private Ryan reaches.

Many people say it was a big mistake for the Academy to vote Shakespeare in Love for the Best Picture Oscar over Saving Private Ryan, but I think it was even worse of them to not have had The Truman Show even nominated! That was the real best picture of 1998.

the idea and koncept of truman show is better, but SPR fufills its genre. Truman show was no THAT funny

Pretty good contest here. SPR is the more quality watch while Truman is more entertaining and thus the easier watch. This is the type of matchup that really depends on what mood you're in. More often than not, I'd probably watch Truman. Tough call.

Truman Show has a cool concept but Saving Private Ryan is just a brilliant and beautiful film.

The Truman Show features an original and groundbreaking concept, but SPR is a visual splendour of the highest degree.

The two best from 98? I'll take Ryan as well.

Best Picture in 1999 Oscars should've been: Rushmore The Truman Show Saving Private Ryan (WINNER) Shakespeare in Love The Big Lebowski