Saving Private Ryan vs. Aliens



Aliens for me; mainly because I (being the only one in the face of the plant) dislike the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. The rest was just phenomenal. I found the first 20 minutes dragging on in terms of action and getting bland towards the end but the rest was just awesome. Aliens is more phenomenal in every aspect for me.

Aliens. Cameron beats Spielberg this time around.

SPR. Very tough decision.

#36 and #37 on my chart. Saving Private Ryan wins.


Saving Private Ryan (42) vs Aliens (6). Nothing changes on this one.

Saving private ryan

Private Ryan

While Aliens in a way is a well-made metaphor for the Vietnam war, Saving Private Ryan encapsulates the second World War, and war in general, perfectly. Aliens surely is one of the best Cameron films I've seen - second only to T2, but Saving Private Ryan is just such a visceral, moving and haunting film that sweeps you off your feet, and one of Spielberg's finest if you ask me.

Both are fine but incredibly overrated. Aliens is just Alien again on a bigger scale without any tension or emotional depth yet SPR feels too "stop, start" for me and it feels like it’s telling you how to feel without actually being emotionally attached to anything. SPR is the better made film (and it’s superb in that department) so that gives it the win!

More polish or more fun, SPR by a whisker.

SPR is far better, aliens is overrated