Saving Private Ryan vs. Star Wars



Star Wars, SPR is my second best film ever.

This is hard, ah I'm going with Star Wars.

Should I feel guilty voting Star Wars (fake war) over Saving Private Ryan (real heroes depicted)? Well should I?

With no guilt whatsoever, I'm going with Star Wars...

Star Wars, but this is about as hard as it can get for me....

Star Wars...easy.

SW! Easily love both but yeah...

This is very one sided. SPR is an emotional war journey but some of the characters are one dimensional and it falls apart on repeated viewings. Star Wars is a firm film with memorable characters and basically just a whole other world.

Yeah, SPR is an emotional journey but its about 20 minutes too long. The beach assault should defintely have been cut down, it went on for 10 minutes too long. Some good characters but definitely not better than any of the Star Wars OT films

Star Wars, but you can't go wrong here

Although I enjoy the original Star Wars trilogy, the first one just feels too dated now to really appreciate it for what it is. Plus its action set pieces aren't nearly as exciting, ambitious or complex as those in Empire or Jedi. SPR may have flat characters (hence why I don't consider it the best war film ever made), but it's still held up very well after 15 years and shall continue to do so; excellent editing, cinematography, sound and impeccable direction from Spielberg. Were this a matchup with Empire or Jedi, I'd be more divided. As it is SPR wins in a heartbeat.

Star Wars is definitely better, but Tom Hanks and Edward Burns were still very amazing in Saving Private Ryan.

Both are great films. Close one, but gotta go for Sam Rockwell, as he gives his best performance- WAIT! THAT'S NO MOON!

star wars! One of the greatest storytellings of all time

Star Wars over any war film.


Star Wars is the bomb.

Gotta go with star wars

The original Star Wars is damn near perfect, Saving Private Ryan is perfect.

Saving Private Ryan here. Star Wars is more important/revolutionary, re-watchable, and fun; but Ryan has the better writing, filmmaking, cinematography, acting, etc. As much as I love Star Wars, I think the only film in the series to beat Ryan is Empire.