Saving Private Ryan vs. GoodFellas



Goodfellas by a brilliant mile.

GoodFellas, but not by as far.

Yep, the 'fellas win it.

I stared at my computer screen for almost 10 minutes trying to decide which one was better! Definitely my hardest decision! Both are so gripping! Ok, after careful evaluation, prayer and meditation I decided on... GoodFellas!... No, Saving Private Ryan! I don't know. I guess I'll use realism as the tie breaker. Saving Private Ryan was a very realistic portrayal of WW2, and probably the best, but GoodFellas was a true story. So GoodFellas.

I'll go Private Ryan, but of course, not a slight on GoodFellas...


Private Ryan easy.

goodfellas is a tad overrated

2 years ago it would have been Saving Private Ryan but now I would choose a Goodfellas.

Both are great but I'll go with Goodfellas.

Wow both are on my list of all time favourite movies.... I will give a very small edge to private ryan ..but i can change any day

overrated before, not now

Goodfellas, easily

Both films have excellent directing as – among other factors – the material is familiar territory for their directors. Everybody knows Scorsese is good at doing mafia shit, and Spielberg at doing... well, just about anything related to Nazis or Jews. I too will go with the overwhelming majority and pick GoodFellas, though wouldn't mind seeing more votes for Private Ryan. The technique of both these 90s classics is worth studying.

Saving Private Ryan is really close to being a masterpiece, where Goodfellas is a masterpiece.


Saving Private Ryan has moments of brilliance but GoodFellas is simply perfection throughout.

Saving Private Ryan is a fantastic film with some of the best cinematography in any movie that I've ever watched. Unfortunately, Goodfellas is just the better movie overall.

Two of my favorite movies and a very tough decision. But I'm going with Saving Private Ryan because it was more brutal and more dramatic. I loved GoodFellas but it was more of a witty type of movie. But I still loved it from beginning to end. But I'm still going with Saving Private Ryan because it was more respectful and brutal.