Saving Private Ryan vs. Hot Fuzz



Some scenes in 'Saving Private Ryan' still get to me, but 'Hot Fuzz' is a immensly entertaining masterwork from start to finish.


Hot Fuzz is just so hilarious. Sorry Private Ryan.

Both movies to me have one great scene while the rest of the film is just kind of 'meh'. Saving Private Ryan has the opening sequence, and Hot Fuzz the closing action sequence. However, the Hot Fuzz final fight was one of the most hilarious scenes ever, and that makes it better than the brutal, if boring Ryan scene.


Went back to Private Ryan.

Both are immensely enjoyable, but as much as I enjoy Hot Fuzz the acting and plot are just superb in Saving Private Ryan, and it wins out in the end.

Hot Fuuz

Saving Private Ryan and not close, even though I really enjoyed Hot Fuzz.

I agree. SPR is better.

Saving Private Ryan is better, but I would prefer to watch Hot Fuzz at almost any time.