Saving Private Ryan vs. War of the Worlds



This is a pretty interesting match up...two "Tom" movies that are both pretty "epic". I'm going to have to go with Saving Private Ryan b/c it captures more of a human element than War of the Worlds.


I'm among the minority who absolutely loved War of the Worlds.

"Absolutely loved" is too strong for me, but I really like War of the Worlds. (Watched it again a couple weeks ago, as a matter of fact; enjoyed it.) I might be able to acknowledge here that Private Ryan is the "better" film, and I've even been wanting to see it again, but I certainly would rather watch WOTW any day of the week.


I liked War of the Worlds but Ryan is the "better" film.

"War of the Worlds" is perfect until the third act, where everything begins to fall apart. Personally, I like it better than "Saving Private Ryan" even though I know the latter is the better film. This is difficult for me.

Not even hard for me, War of the Worlds, but SPR is a good movie.

i fell in love with war of the worlds wen i saw it, and i was 7 years old

No question here. I don't think I had to think for more than a milisecond on this one...

I posted that comment up there ^ a year ago and I was stupid. I go with SPR, but I still love War of the Worlds.

I saw War of the Worlds once in theaters and I didn't like it. Admittedly, I was pretty young, but SPR gets the easy win here.

War of the Worlds was fine, but it's not anywhere close to Saving Private Ryan.

War of the Worlds is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Tom Cruise, who I normally enjoy, was disturbingly bad. His kids were terrible, and the acting as a whole was pitiful. The premise is the absolute worst and I know book adaptations are more strict than original screenplays but hated everything about it. Worst part is how the movie ends. So anti-climactic with everyone surviving, no scratches to show for it and the street somehow surviving all the mayhem. His wife, there to greet her terrible husband to thanksgiving dinner like nothing happened. I'm sorry, but this movie was awful. Feel free to tell me why I should think differently, but I thought it was the worst movie I'd seen besides Freddie Got Fingered and a few others like that.

Saving Private Ryan is the best war film ever in my opinion War of the Worlds is one of Spielberg's more underrated films I'm going to take Saving Private Ryan but War of the Worlds is still great

love both but I'm going war of the worlds