The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers



Wow, really?? I guess this had to come about at some point but this is tough!

Pretty easy choice here. Both are fantastic but Return of the King is a masterpiece.

I'd rather watch The Fellowship than either of these..


Return of the King. I absolutely loved Two Towers, but Return of the King was absolutely jaw-dropping. Both are so much more entertaining than Fellowship, which I fell asleep on at first watch.

Fellowship is the best of the three. Two Towers is the weakest. Collectively, all three are my favorite film of all time.

all the LOTR movies are masterpieces but return of the king puts me in this emotional state i cannot really describe. its better hands down

two towers is definetley the weakest of the trilogy, it moved slowly and got boring in parts.Return of the King is one of the greatest of all times. Return of the King by a mile.

The Return of the King is an epic ending to the the story, and, while Two Towers has Helm's Deep, it suffers from being the middle part of the story.

two towers is the weakest, but still great.

Now this is a battle. Which would I least like to endure again? Guess John Noble is enough to put The Return of the King over The Two Towers. He was just about all that really worked for me in these two films.

Return of the King has to be my favorite of these two of obvious reasons: it's a true epic tale and I really enjoy the ties it draws to Tolkien's original material.

In my opinion, The Two Towers is actually the best film of the trilogy, and my favourite movie of all time. The Return of the King is great as well (it's #2 on my list), but The Two Towers is the best paced part of the LOTR trilogy, arguably has the best score, the greatest battles (especially Helm's Deep), and it gives Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli more screentime, which I like, because Frodo can be really annoying at times. Plus, it has that awesome start with Gandalf and the Balrog, and is, in spite of being the middle part, a better stand alone movie than the other two LOTR films. The Fellowship starts really slow and basically ends with a cliffhanger; the beginning of The Return of the King is too rushed, while the seemingly neverending end is - obviously - a nuisance; The Two Towers, on the other hand, is well paced throughout the whole movie, with a nice start and a satisfying ending that is not as much of a break as the one in Fellowship of the Ring.


They are both excellent. Although The Return of the King has a hard time concluding , I was more impressed with this segment of a fantastic trilogy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Fellowship!?! I love the whole trilogy, but the battle of the best isn't between the whole series, it's between these two. Fellowship just doesn't compare to the other two. And as much as I love TTT (and believe me, I do), Return of the King takes the cake.

Return of the King takes this one. The battle for Minas Tirith and the scenes with Pippin and Denethor give it a slight advantage over TTT

Return of the King was the best of the entire LOTR trilogy. The Two Towers is only there to bridge the two bookends.

I think Return of the King kind of lost me in some of the final points. I didn't like how they brushed off Saruman (in both the theatrical version and the extended DVD) or how they don't explain what happens to anyone besides the hobbits after the war ends. Very enjoyable movie that does a fine job of wrapping up the best trilogy of the decade, but I still like The Two Towers better.

return of the king is the best of the trilogy. most emotional, most dangerous, most epic

Despite that battle at Helm's Deep that was SO freakin' epic, there's really no comparison here at all. Return Of The King is a epic ending to a epic trilogy.

The Two Towers for me. The Battle of Helms Deep is completely underrated, plus the Warg riders scene is a classic. Don't forget about the video game, which is so good. So to me, I reckon Return of the King is the weakest of the trilogy.

Return of the King is a stunning and epic conclusion to the jaw-dropping series.

I believe the LotR series, while very good, gets progressively worse with each film. TTT wins it easily although neither impressed me the way Fellowship did.

Both stunning movies in every aspect. My #1 vs My #3 is always tough as LOTR as a huge 12 hour movie is just my favorite movie of all time. Return of the King is the most epic, Fellowship is the most enjoyable and well made movie and The Two Towers is probably the most beautiful of the three. Either way, almost too hard to judge but possibly ROTK

Both are utterly spectacular, but Return of the King is the best one.

The most overrated LOTR film vs the most underrated one.

I hole the popular opinion that Return of the King is the best of the three.

ROTK for now

2 Towers is my favourite of the trilogy

I'm going to give it to the Two Towers on this one. I would have said Return of the King originally, but I feel it drags too much now. I still love all three films, and all belong deservedly in my top 10, but I've decided that the final act is the weakest of the trilogy, and doesn't really get going until the Rohirrim turn up on Pelennor fields, about 2 hours in. Two Towers is consistently better throughout.

Return of the king beats two towers

The Two Towers by an inch.


you obviously dont know that the movies go in the order of the books

While Two Towers has some of my favorite moments in the entire trilogy, Return just better as one cohesive film.

Lugnut14, was your post a reply to my post? If so, I realize the order. I was just ranking them starting with my favorite.

Return of the King gets me every time. Both uncommonly fantastic, but ROTK packs more of a punch.

Return of the King. My favorite trilogy of all time though. For me it's Fellowship, Return and then TTT.

I'm definatly in the minority in this but i think two towers is not only the best lord of the rings fil but in my opinion its the best by far

RotK takes it....

In the end... heck, I do love The Two Towers. This ain't as easy as it sounded.

Return of the King has always been my favorite ever since I first saw the trilogy. Even though the film feels like it's about to end about eight different times it's still great.

Yeah RotK 9.0 TTT 8.5

two towers is soooo overrated

I love how Area_Hulk says Two Towers is overrated but gives no explantation, but yeah Return of the King is the strongest of the trilogy, it wraps everything up nearly perfectly and has a great battle at the Black Gate. But the Helm's Deep battle is still pretty awesome. Both are amazing fantasy films with great action and characters, Two Towers seems to slow down and lose a tiny bit of it's awesomeness towards the end. Return of the King is better.

This is tough. Helms Deep vs The battle for Middle Earth. ROTK wins

the Grand finale is the clear winner.

Both are in my top 5 but I thought Return of the king just more epic and rewarding with a better story and character arch,plus the Battle scenes were breath taking.

I liked the Return just a bit more.

I'm definitely in the minority but I believe the Two Towers is the best lord of the rings film and the best fantasy film of all time, it has the adventure of the first, and the battles of the third, and while some say it acts as a bridging film, I believe it stands on it's own. Return of the King is an epic ending, but Two Towers is what Lord of the Rings is about. TT gets my vote.

I'm definitely in the minority but I believe the Two towers it the best of the franchise, the best fantasy film and my favourite movie of all time. Not only is it the best paced of the three, but it captures the adventures of FotR, (giving Aragon, Legolas and Gimli some well-deserved screentime) along with the epic battles of RotK (helms deep... what more can I say) and while some believe this film serves only as a bridge, I believe as a film, it stands on it's own and for those reasons and more, TT gets my vote.

So after a LOTR marathon, my mind switched, who knew?! ROTK.

Return of The King

Return of the King by far.