The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King vs. Forrest Gump




Return of the King is a more emotional journey.

I prefer ROTK by a pretty large margin, but Forrest Gump is also a great movie that doesn't deserve the bad mouthing it constantly gets these days.

Two great movies but Lord of the Rings easily wins!

Forrest i way more emotional??

Gump is a fine movie, but ROTK is the very definition of epic.

love both films a lot But I like Forrest Gump more its a real world setting with a emotional and funny story sure I love Fantasy films but I like cinema classic and master acting and original writting more Run Forrest Run for the Win I have a new top 5!

Forrest cannot slay my favorite film of all time.

You bow to no one, my King!!!

Aragorn is the greatest.

Forrest Gump=most overrated movie of all time

Forrest is an easy choice for me...

Return of the King pummels Forrest Gump..