The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King vs. The Godfather




Return of the King.

It's hard to choose anything over The Godfather, but I'm a geek.

i'm not gonna lie to myself anymore! i know that the godfather is considered better, and maybe it is, but there is only one movie that i've seen 45 times and i still didn't get enough of it. lord of the rings

Hmmm The Godfather or that film there that fails to end half a dozen times? You know, the one with the stupid midget singing for no cinematic reason. Yeah, the one with that dumbass line "but I am no man". Screw that noise.

Both are equally bad and are the two worst movie trilogies ever made.

Love LOTR, but it just doesn't beat the Godfather here. Sorry...

I'm a big geek myself but I'm not an insane geek. The Godfather wins big, stands tall and stands alone, sorry.

I'm going with LotR.

The first two Godfathers put it over LOTR 2 and 3

The Godfather puts it over LOTR>



The Godfather without a shadow of a doubt.

The Godfather, i love ROTK but The Godfather is greatest movie of all time

Even though I don't like either of them, then I would choose Return of the King. I HATE Godfather, Godfather is nothing but some old booring trash piece of shit.

It must be The Godfather for me.

The Godfather for me too. Only one film tops the Godfather and its Fellowship :)

Return of the King has the slight edge in my book.

@LordVader----You are a moron for saying the Godfather is shit...I can see why you don't like it but saying its shit, its a crime!

wayyy better

ROTK is my favorite of the LOTR trilogy. Sorry, but I've gotta go with it.

The Godfather

TGF had a bigger impact on me than RotK did.

hate how I change my mind so often...

LOTR wins by far

ROTK > FOTR > TTT > TGF > TGF2 >>>>> TGF3


LOTR can just beat The Godfather sorry

The Godfather

Its The Godfather Hands down, no question.


ROTK is an extremely boring,ovelong and repititive movie and a waste of money.


The Godfather.

Return of the King for me.

The Godfather is Great om a small scale its intimate in dialog and the action is well made drama is perfect but Return of the King is gigantic in scale story and action epic is understating it-Im a big fan of Godfather but I have tons of fun watching LOTR-ROTK

The Godfather is a much much better film.

I never seen Godfather, well maybe just a bit of this.

Return of the king just edges out godfather

I don't know if The Godfather is my answer to what the greatest film of all time would be, but it might be. However The Return of the King is certainly my answer when it comes to favorites.

Good god, this makes the YouTube comments section look like a debate between Rhodes scholars.

The Godfather is much better quality but LOTR is freakin amazing as a whole trilogy

Both are pretty cool, but I prefer LOTR

@mrinear23 Yes, quite. Welcome to Flickchart. Though perhaps we might assume that many of these fine folk are not native English speakers, y'know, for sanity's sake.

ROTK is a great film but it really doesn't touch The Godfather.

ROTK is amazing but The Godfather is just too good

Wow these 2 movies are literally my 5 and 6 atm. You can argue Godfather is the better stand alone movie but I just love the epicness of lotr.

Maybe godfather is better made but im a geek

I think this is the only debate in which Return of the King lost and I radically agree with the result. Return of the King is the best LOTR movie and rightfully one of the best movies of all time but it isn't The Godfather.

very tough but I will give it to the godfather