The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day



T2 is better than all the LOTR films! ;)

T2 might have a chance against the first 2 LOTR films, but The Return of the King is the best of the three!

T2 is normally an automatic win, but sorry LOTR is just too good.

I have picked T2 over the second and third Rings films in the past, but after my most recent viewing (and, years ago, I'd seen it at least a dozen times) it slipped a little in my estimation. I need to see Return of the King again, but for now, I'll stick with Arnie. Were this Fellowship of the Ring, it would be no contest in favor of LOTR.


LOTR The Return of the King wins on every level.

yeah, i love both films. But i have to also agree that T2 did slip a bit, don't really know why. Then again, so did Return of the King. but Return of the King just seems to reach out a bit better in the end. both movies are about par though.

I second the majority's opinion.

Yeah, I've gone all Rings now.

The LotR saga is much better than the Terminator saga

T2 was better

Oh man, the flaws in RotK are so evident that it's difficult to believe so many would pick it over T2.

T2 is probably my favorite action movie. Then again, Return of the king is probably my favorite movie of all time

Lord of the rings is amazing

T2 was the best action movie of the 90's. And the 90's had some pretty awesome action movies.

Both in my Top 5 but ROTK is my ALL TIME favorite and I doubt it'll be topped EVER!

Lord of the Rings

So hard! But my heart goes with T2 . Hasta la vista

These are two of my all time favorites. ROTK is #1 for me and T2 is #4 for me. ROTK is a special thing to me, even more than T2!

Every time I watch LOTR I think there is something new there and the MUSIC..... i can't explain. So, in my opinion T2 can,t compete LOTR.

Certainly T2. I've already gone over my reasons for ROTK being vastly overrated in other discussions, so I'm not going to address it again. Terminator 2 has a nearly impeccable action-movie-structure and makes some very smart moves, so it wins here.

This matchup made me rethink where I had Lord of the Rings ranked, and after consideration, I moved T2 above them. Lord of the Rings are great, and I consider all 3 as one movie, but they are, at times, tedious. T2 may be the perfect action movie, that blends heart, characters, and action perfectly.

Lord of the Rings- Both in top 10

Hasta la vista, baby!!

''Now I know why you cry'', because people are picking RotK over T2.

Terminator 2 hands down. Return of the King was great, but nothing compared to T2.

I take LOTR over terminator any of the day

Gotta go T2 by a hair over LOTR...

The Terminator and T2 any day over every LOTR film.

I am going with T2 against return of the king.

I'll be back.

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