The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King vs. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl



Worst movie in a better series, or best movie of a worse series... best of worse.

I'm a geek for both, but I'm going to have to back LOTR. Even if it did have a billion endings.

It's the multiple endings that keep Return of the King from being my #1 movie on Flickchart. (That place of honor is reserved for The Fellowship of the Ring, and ROTK is still Top 20.) Meanwhile, as much as I love Captain Jack Sparrow and the first Pirates, all three Rings movies are better.

1st pirates is slightly better than the last lord of the rings. slightly.

PotC #1 is a great popcorn flick (on the other hand, #2 and #3 are awful), but all 3 of the LotR films are masterpieces.

Lord of the Rings, all day, every day, hands down over any Pirates flick.

The first "Pirates" was one of the most genuinely fun movies I'd seen in ages when it was released. I found "Return of the King" a bit disappointing after "The Two Towers." Maybe it's the 40 minute end montage.

Wow a tough one, both great movies. I liked Fellowship and 2 Towers better than Return in the LOTR series. But Black Pearl blows the other 2 Pirates films out of the water. Im going to agree with slvs and go with the Black Pearl. Now if this was Pearl vs Fellowship, I would be sitting here debating a lot longer...


LOTR. No question about it for me.

Oscar status. That is all.

As much fun as the first Pirates film was (the sequels are crap) I can't believe there's even a debate. Return of the King is the far better film.

Black Pearl is the only Pirates movie worth a damn. Agree that it was fun, before they took the sequels to the land of CGI crapsville. LOTR is so much more than that, it's not even close.

Return of the King is really, really good, but I could watch PotC more often, especially if it's the first one.

The third Lord of the Rings definitely wins

RoTK ODs on stupidity.

Lord of the Rings, despite the multiple endings, still succeeds over Orlando's other film franchise.

Of course Return of the King wins.

POTC 1 was an entertaining film but Return of the King was a masterpiece as was the other two LOTR films. POTC has got nothing over LOTR. Easily LOTR Win

LOTR with an easy walkoff here...

Return of the King may be the worst of the trilogy but it still pimp slaps every film in the brain-exhausting Pirates franchise.

RotK is certainly the most flawed for sure, but it still is miles ahead of TTT when it comes to entertainment. And it is better than PotC.

RotK is the most flawed of the LotR for sure,* (sigh, me and my tautologies)

Both are amazing films released in 2003. Return of the King wins.

Actually close for me, I think Return of the King is the worst of the Rings trilogy and Black Pearl as the best of the Pirates franchise, but Return of the King is still better.


The film with the multiple endings wins.

Pirates is awesome and is definitely a contender for the best of 2003. But Return of the King easily takes that title and is also one of the best movies ever made

Return of the King takes this without a doubt. Pirates was great, but it really isn't even close