The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King vs. Return of the Jedi



i can't pick...

Hmmm. I'm gonna give it to Return of the King because it was such a strong end to the trilogy. As for Star Wars, Empire Strikes back was better than Return of the Jedi.

While both movies are great, I'm going with Randall Graves on this one. Jedi it is!

"There's only one return, and it's of the Jedi"

Both films were the weakest of the their series... I know that's blasphemous in some circles, but KING was kind of sloppy, and JEDI had the all-time worst acting and writing in either WARS trilogy, hands down. The first act belongs in a 007 film, and the rest was kind of a carbon copy of the best moments from the first two films. KING at least had some good acting, a strong emotional payoff, and wasn't a dumbed-down copy of the two earlier films. Hail to the KING.

I think Return Of The Jedi was better than Return Of The King. Both Returns were good, but original Star Wars comes over LOTR, every time.

Return of the Jedi is almost unwatchable now, it just didn't age well at all. While Return of the King has its issue (100 different endings), it just simply a more satifsfying film.

Were there any lightsabers in LotR??? I think not. Nuff said.

The assault on the second Death Star is visual crack, and Luke's attack on Vader, both of them lit only by the glow of their sabers, is arresting enough to make up for any deficiencies the Ewok-bound segments may have. Return of the King was a total rush, but nothing beats the original, unmolested Jedi for end-of-trilogy satisfaction.

"Jedi" for me. "Return of the King" left me cold; it wasn't half as compelling to me as "The Two Towers."

I take the movie in which someone actually shows acting talent, that being John Noble in The Return of the King.

All hail the King.


Return my King!

LOTR over Star Wars everyday any day.

I have to go with Return of the Jedi, Return of the King is too slow and boring.

King is an average film that far too often gags on its own juvenile, cheesy disposition.


The King is still no match for the Jedi...

I'm going with RotJ despite it being my least favorite out of the original trilogy.

Easy one. Best LOTR movie against worst SW of the original trilogy. =]

This pretty hard, ROTJ was no were near as good as the first two movies. On the other hand I find all of the LOTR movies(especially this one) to be overrated.

I actually thought Return of the Jedi was more entertaining and had more memorable moments than RotK.

Return of the king. Return of the Jedi had pretty mediocre acting, wasn't very original (besides the Ewoks, but these were just used to sell toys, to make spin-off movies from, sell more toys, start an animation series, sell even more toys etc.). Return of the King is definitely the most 'popcorn driven' movie of the trilogy, but at least it did it's job well. Return of the Jedi on the other hand....not so much.

It really hard for me. I should rewatch both first.

Both really good conclusions to their sagas. Return of the King wins IMO

OMG can't pick

Return of the Jedi wins for me. It is more rewatchable, more of a classic and quotable.

Oh, because Star Wars was soooo sophisticated and adult before the Ewoks came along. I think "Jedi" gets a bad rap, and the Ewoks are fine. In fact, despite my huge LOTR fandom (I even made the trip to New Zealand specifically to see filming locations), I think I have to give this one to "Jedi."

This is quite possibly the hardest matchup out there for me. Both are the best of their trilogies in my opinion. On my list they are 9 and 10. I think i'm going to go with Star Wars, but damn it's close.

Neither is all that great. Return of the King wins it.

The King is going with the King, naturally.

Obviously Return of the King. Both are in my top 10 and both are my favorite trilogies. For me, LOTR is the best trilogy then OT Star Wars however, there is a huge difference between ROTJ and ROTK. I'm sick of people complaining about the end to ROTK. Lord of the Rings is a huge scoped trilogy whereas Star Wars isn't. If LOTR just ended with hobbits dancing, that would've been an unsatisfying end. Return of the King doesn't have Ewoks, has better action (obviously) better acting and dialogue....Return of the King...Jedi is the weakest in its trilogy but still awesome...Not Lord of the Rings though

Jedi takes this one easily for me, but it is my favorite film, so that is obvious. However looking purely from an objective quality view, at least Jedi managed to have all its plotlines end at the same time instead of needing 6 separate conclusions.

My god... Jedi is legendary and an awesome film, but Return of the King is the clear victor here. Moving, satisfying and fucking epic; a conclusion to the series that i'm sure Tolkien would have been proud of. Even if i can't forgive the ommission of the Scouring of the Shire!

While Return of the Jedi ended the original Star Wars trilogy very well, it was weighed down by the Ewoks, and let's be honest, is there really anything that compares to the Return of the King?

Come on, star wars OT is one of the best trilogies (if not the best) ever, and lotr is just an adaptation from a book. Star wars just blows lotr out of the water.

I'm surprised that it's a tie before my vote. ROTK is my favorite of LOTR while ROTJ may very well be my least favorite of the original Star Wars trilogy. A better matchup would be ROTK vs. Empire. That'd be awesome, but ROTK would still win but not by as much.

Having just seen both trilogies in the last couple weeks, I can confidently say that I ever so slightly prefer Return of the King in this matchup.

The King's return is better than the Jedi's.

Favorite of the Rings trilogy vs. least favorite in the original trilogy. King wins.

Return of the King. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is just too epic. Even though Return is not my favorite LOTR film, it certainly Beats Return of the Jedi here.

The last installment of two of the most famous trilogies. Return of the Jedi is a classic, but Return of the King is a far superior film. Better acting, special effects and direction than Jedi.

Did Return of the king have slave leia I think not-both are action packed and also had its flaws Jedi I can watch more often so it wins.

Return of the King is so much better in every possible way. Jedi isn't bad, but it looks like a cheesy hack-job in comparison. Not only is the story in LOTR infinitely better, but the filmmaking is also lightyears ahead. Above all else, Star Wars does nothing for me emotionally, which is the furthest thing from the truth regarding Lord of the Rings.

Jedi is far superior........Randall taught us well.

Jedi Strikes Back

I actually don't love either, but I'll give the edge to LOTR.

I much prefer RotK actually. No offense, but RotJ kinda sucked in a good way.

Lord of the rings

Return of the King - Jedi was weaker than I remembered after rewatching it.

No contest. RotK is the most epic movie I've ever seen. Jedi I liked but the ewoks were very retarded.

I got to give it to LOTR. It had a better ending to the respective trilogy in my opinion. Even if that ending happens many times.

The Return of the King is the greatest threequel ever.

Jedi is chessy, no one can deny it (except you are star wars diehard fan)

"For Frodo."

The Force is strong here

I prefer Jedi

Lord of the Rings is certainly far the best fantasy trilogy, Star Wars is certainly no nothing simple certainly it is mediocre and overrated franchises ever far none good anything simple, Lord of the Rings beats every Star Wars films in every way.

Huge fan of both Trilogies, however Return of the jedi is the worst in the trilogy and Return of the king is the best.

Both trilogies are amazing, and both of these are the least good in them. Jedi has some absolutely amazing moments that top the highs of King, but it also feels really disjointed and underwritten with lows that foreshadow the Prequel problems. King just is consistently solid with great payoffs and character moments, and while weak in some aspects, those are more budgetary than creatively weak.

The battle of the "Returns". Even though I'm a SW fan... I'll have to stick with LOTR on this one.

I do love them both, but Return of the King is my #1 favourite film of all time... So King wins. All three LOTR are masterpieces though. Return of the Jedi would be in my Top 40, but the first 60 minutes are quite slow and insubstantial..... still great film though. Return of the Jedj - 8/10 Return of the King - 10/10

Oh wow, I think I might prefer the weakest Star Wars to the Strongest Lord of the Rings.


Return of the king by far

Return of the King is the far better conclusion