The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King vs. The Matrix



on 8/10/2009

Agony, it is a slow killer. These are my top two films...

on 8/11/2009

The only LOTR film I'd pick The Matrix over is The Two Towers....


on 4/18/2010

I really like The Matrix, but I think every LOTR movie would beat it.

on 11/14/2010

GOD. So hard, such great movies, such great stories... I'm going to have to go to The Matrix purely because it made me think about reality, LOTR only made me think about orcs.

on 3/2/2012

The Matrix. Both great films and oscar breakthroughs.

on 3/16/2012

The Matrix for me. I really love both of these films and what they did for movies. That shaped their genres and history.

on 4/7/2012

The Matrix takes it out here with ease.

on 7/9/2012

The Matrix wins this one.

on 2/1/2013

Matrix. I guess I'm more of a sci-fi guy, as much as I love the Rings movies.

on 2/1/2013

The Matrix wins in a tough match up for me...

on 7/24/2013

The Matrix

on 7/24/2013

Return of the King wins with ease.

on 7/24/2013

This is now a bit tougher than it was before but I still gotta give the edge to LoTR....never has a franchise concluded so perfectly. Yes, I do love the "continuous endings" to RoTK

on 8/25/2013

Matrix for me, but I'd take Fellowship over both.

on 9/7/2013

The Matrix

on 9/27/2013

Follow the white rabbit.

on 9/27/2013

Awesome matchup. Matrix is in my top 20 while ROTK is in my top 10.

on 10/1/2013

I'll take The Matrix.

on 10/24/2013

ROTK. Simple as that.

on 10/30/2013

The Matrix is a masterpiece of sci-fi movies and I would easily take it over return of the king

on 12/16/2013

Matrix was in the end a bit of a let down. But it is still close

on 12/23/2013


on 1/3/2014

here's my problem with matrix. 2 things. The acting was a times annoying for me. Also the ending i kept wating for something but it never came. ROTK wins here

on 2/10/2014

ROTK. No question about it!!!

on 2/25/2014

Freaking love The Matrix. But this is a no contest: LOTR.

on 6/16/2014

The Matrix

on 9/28/2018

LotR: RotK.

on 9/28/2018

LotR: RotK.

on 9/28/2018

LotR: RotK.

on 9/28/2018

Despite the butch women. The Matrix>Return of the King