The Blues Brothers vs. Braveheart



Jake and Elwood, forgive me. But it must be done.

William Wallace, forgive me. :)

Big ass sword

William Wallace was all right, but Jake and Elwood were on a mission from God.

As much as I love The Blues Brothers, Braveheart is damn good film.

Braveheart, hands down.

Blues Brothers - I swear to god it wasn't my fault.

Braveheart is a great historical piece. But The Blues Brothers is a classic comedy AND a classic musical. Aykroyd and Belushi at their best.

Blues Brothers are the shit xD


I really like Braveheart but I have more Respect for the Blues Brothers.

I love the music of The Blues Brothers and I love the film. Braveheart is a good movie, but Blues Brothers is one of the best entertaining films

I love blues brothers, it's my favourite musical ever, but I do prefer brave heart unfortunately.