The Blues Brothers vs. Shrek 2



Easy choice here, thought Shrek 2 was pretty bad, and think Blues Brothers is pretty awesome.

Hate Shrek. Hate Shrek 2. Do I need to mention how I feel about 3? Blues Brothers for the win. Plus, I remember when they were filming it in Chicago.

Shrek 2 is the only one of these two movies that actually made me laugh. Easy choice.

Shrek is Shrek but come on, the Blues Brothers is the stuff of legend!

Blues Brothers is funny but for me it isn't remarkably rewatchable. Shrek 2 is very rewatchable and also really funny. The Blues Brothers had amazing musical numbers though and their memorability gets them the win.

Really? Blues Brothers ABUSES Shrek 2

I’m with Caesar on this. Shrek 2 is a much better movie. Hanging On For A Hero and Accidentally In Love > Think and Everybody Needs Somebody To Love!