Halloween vs. Halloween



The biggest mistake Rob Zombie made was hiring a kid to play Michael Myers who couldn't act his way out of a paper bag, excuse the cliche. It does have its moments though, like the cell full of masks, and that scene when MM busts up the ceiling as one plodding piano key riffs over and over on the soundtrack. Neither of these films come close to being my favorite horror movie, but the first one is better because it feels much more unsettling and claustrophobic, and there are no reasons given for Michael's murderous rampage. Are either of these movies classics? Er...no. John Carpenter's Halloween WIIIIINNNNNNSSSS

I don't want to know the person who would place Zombie's version over Carpenter's.


Carpenter's Halloween creeped me out when I was a kid and I grew up loving it. I also think Zombie's version added some cool stuff whilst staying respectful to the original. You can tell he's a fan and he made a solid effort to adapt the story for a modern audience. I was also grateful to see a decent movie come out of the franchise after a couple decades of lame sequels. That said, vote goes for the original.

At least could stay awake through Rob Zombies version.

I actually liked Rob Zombie's version. I liked how in depth we went with Michael Myers, rather than having him be a faceless killer.

And now that I've seen Zombie's H2, I think that it's the best Halloween film yet... just my .02...

The original was one of the most boring films I have ever seen. Rob Zombie's version also sucked, but not nearly as much.

I liked Carpenter's Halloween, but it's kind of.... boring... Zombie's Halloween got more... balls.

They're both great but my vote is for the Rob Zombie remake simply due to the inclusion of one of the greatest characters in cinematic history, "Joe Grizzly". ("Let me introduce myself. I'm Joe Grizzly, bitch. And I'm gonna cut that goddamn mask right off your face."),

The original is way better. Evil is way scarier than mental sickness.

Rob Zombie should not have made Michael Meyers sympathetic or related to Laurie Strode. The relation idea is just not as scarey as a madman who kills randomly.


She was his sister in the original series, as well.

Oh gosh, this shouldn't even be a comparison. And how dare that user above me say that the new and crummy Halloween has more balls. You'll need more balls to watch the original because of how original and scary it is. The remake is just blood and guts and no substance. Too many people require that out of a movie these days...The original everyday, any day.

I could go on for days but Carpenter's Halloween had a great score, the "scream queen" jamie lee curtis and the always amazing Donald Pleasance., brilliantly directed by Carpenter. It was just simple and that's what made it great. Zombie's version took away what made the original great that Michael Myers just killed because he was EVIL his mom didn't have to be a stripper or his step-dad didn't have to be a jerk to mess him up. The original didn't need all the gore to make it one of the most classic horror films of all time.

Dear people who think the first Halloween is boring, IT'S CALLED BUILDING SUSPENSE! So yeah, Carpenter version easily. However, Halloween '07 wasn't the worst one from Zombie...

Carpenter's version wins easily! The original Halloween is a classic.

The original Halloween wins no contest. I have a love/hate relationship with Zombie's version. It's clear he is trying to be respectful, but the problem with turning Michael Myers into a sympathetic villain is that you strip away a great deal of the mystery behind the mask, which is what made the original so scary in the first place. My other issue is that everyone in Rob Zombie's twisted universe is tinged with a similar wicked humor and everyone seems to have a bit of a nasty streak... you can even see a small dose of it in his interpretation of Laurie Strode. That Laurie is not a total innocent and that Michael is not that sinister dulls the edges and lessens the contrast between the two. In the end, it weakens the story.

I prefer the original. It's scarier. Also, Michael himself is scarier. There's very little blood and gore, but, I still like it better.

Fuck Rob Zombie.

What does it say about a remake when it's best feature is the score culled from the original but even its updated score is vastly inferior? Oh, and Malcolm McDowell is no Donald Pleasence when it comes to Loomis.

No way will Rob Zombie ever top Halloween the original

people who say the original is boring have ADD or ADHD its score alone is menacing you never know when Mikes going to strike the shading and direction is great I did like the remake but The Original is still one of the best horror films Mikes isnt your typical Slasher killer he killing out of dark nature something sinister compells him only a kid or a person who watches modern films wouldnt get the film unless they are an idiot or maybe im just a horror freak and can appreciate the movie more.

The Zombie Version is cool, But I discovered that if you see this movie more than twice you start to get depressed because of a lot of deranged shit in this movie. The Carpenter Version is My Personal favorite Horror Movie of all time.

oh...dare I...dare I? okay, i'll go with the classic. *shrug*

Zombies Halloween is perfect in the last hour. When Michael escapes. Not a fan of the first act, I hate the kid. The second act though, his new mask alone is fucking intense. He moves faster and looks better. On the other hand we have the original. It's the better movie as a whole. Neither are on the same level as Scream.

^ Halloween was far better than Scream, dude. Scream was just a average satire, Halloween was a very well crafted masterpiece, a really entertaining and intense movie.


Carpenter, c'mon! The mother of all slasher films. Rob Zombie's attempt had a good 70s rock songs collection, nothing else.

Zombies version had too much swearing for the sake of swearing. It's ridiculous. It's not shocking it's just the opposite. A ridiculous trope that just irritated. Second act is pretty good though. But Carpenter's is the more than obvious choice.

I completely agree with Rac and Electrofuck of why the remake by Rob Zombie sucks. The original wins, I have no more to say.

Rob Zombie's Halloween was the best of the 2000s Horror remakes but obviously the original was much better.

can't believe people would pick the remake!

I really like both a lot, but RZH needed a better cut, as the theatrical and directors' cut both have weaknesses and strengths compared to each other. I wish there was a cut that had the best of both, and cutting the bad from both. But regardless It's a very solid remake, that, actually, remakes the og one. But 78 wins easily, a perfect movie that can never be beat. So as much as I like the Zombie one, Carpenter's destroys it easily.

The original and it's not close at all

Nobody should be saying Rob Zombie's adaptation was better than John Carpenter's. John Carpenter's is light tears better.