Shaun of the Dead vs. An American Werewolf in London




Surprised there's no comments on this matchup. Two of my favorite Horror comedies. I love Shaun of the Dead a little more.

The lack of comments is a bit surprising, however, I'm going with Werewolf. The story is all over the place hilarious and gruesome and the special effects are phenomenal.

I do also agree that the special effects in Werewolf are phenomenal, and it's a great film with some truly eerie and terrifying scenes. Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite comedies and it has some gruesome and awesome scenes. Shaun takes the win.

An American Werewolf, simply for the transformation scene.

An American Werewolf in London all the way and back. I've seen Shaun a few times and I don't find it to be that funny or clever. Werewolf starts to lose steam a little toward the end, but the rest is great stuff. The nightmare scenes, the slowly rotting Griffin Dunne, Jenny Agutter in a nurse uniform... Shaun doesn't have a chance.

American Werewolf wins...only because I was so unimpressed with Shaun....

This is interesting because Edgar Wright said that An American Werewolf in London influenced all his movies, and this is a hard ranking. I've seen Shaun of the Dead a million times and same with American Werewolf. I say American Werewolf is so very slightly better, but these are both the best Comedy/Horror movies around.

The best werewolf film and indeed easily the best transformation scene sure takes the cake.

An American Werewolf in London is fantastic - it’s funny, Baker’s practical effects are some of the best ever, and it’s top 20 material in both the horror-comedy and werewolf subgenres, but it doesn’t make my eyes water and there’s no Queen.