Shaun of the Dead vs. Hot Fuzz



How can you make me choose between Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz!?!? Both are modern classic cult films! Guess Shaun wins by virtue of being first.

I have to go with Shaun of the Dead but this is a close call...

This is a VERY hard choice... both films are hilarious. But im going to have to go with Shaun of the Dead.

oh man...i'm afraid to choose for some reason. Fine! I choose Hot Fuzz!

Shaun, but Spaced is better than both.

Shaun of the Dead is far better, Hot Fuzz act is repetitive and thin for the first hour and a half. The last half hour is great though.

Oh man...toughest call ever. I'm going to have to go with Shaun though.

They should do a movie version of Spaced

They should do a movie version of Spaced

They should also not post my one comment twice... what's up with that?

Definitely Shaun, much better film.

I've always avoided choosing between these two... HOT FUZZ is the funniest. SHAUN OF THE DEAD has to take second. SPACED takes third, but I really lump them all together in my mind and love them dearly.

I love both but I'm more of a 'action movie fan' so I love Hot Fuzz more than Shaun :-)

If I didn't have to choose, I would just call it a tie. But since that's a cop-out anyway, I'd have to choose "Hot Fuzz." I think the plot is more clever and more masterfully executed. The ending of "Shaun" I can appreciate, but it always makes me sad. The resolution of "Hot Fuzz," on the other hand, is epically ridiculous and never fails to put a smile on my face. Even the visuals (such as special effects and cinematography) are more satisfying to the eye. But "Shaun," "Hot Fuzz," and "Spaced" are all #1 in my heart!

I love both but I'd go with Shaun. Hot Fuzz feels a bit too long to me while Shaun flows nicely throughout the whole movie. Also, the scene where they're throwing vinyl at the zombie...awesome.

They're both great, but I like Hot Fuzz more. Maybe because Nick Frost is less annoying and more lovable.

This is a real battle. I think I'll have to go with Shaun, but "Oh My God! What happened to your peace lily?!" is the best line from the two.

I have to go with Shaun of the Dead. The reason is I thought it to be a more creavtive movie then Hot Fuzz. I came out before the big zomebie craze kicked in again. Plus it is full of British actors and actresses. It is a really good zombie movie and it is one of the first really good comedies with zombies in it. This is definitly a movie I can watch again and again.

LukeJason - I figure I'll watch it again except this time it will have Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg in it.

Hot Fuzz makes me laugh more, but I think Shaun will be seen as the bigger achievement when all is said and done.

Shaun of the Dead has zombies, therefore it wins.

Both of these films are absolutely amazing. I could re-watch them and never get bored. They are two entirely different monsters, so having to choose which is better is going to be difficult.

really love both films but if i have to choose im gonna go hot fuzz

Shaun of the Dead automatically wins, because it has zombies.

I prefer Hot Fuzz because I favour action movies over horror films. Thus, an action parody fits my taste better than a horror parody and Hot Fuzz is more original anyway.

This isn't fair :(

Seeing as most of the comedy stems from knowing the movies that are being sent up, I have to go with Shaun. I just know more about zombie movies than cop movies, I guess. Both brilliant, though

I believe both movies are the best British comedies out there! However, because Shaun of the Dead is not truly an original idea, just jokes added on to a story line. Hot Fuzz is a different comedy, I didn't even realize it was a comedy went I rented it, just a cop film. It was the funniest thing I've seen and would watch it over Shaun of the Dead right now.

I find Hot Fuzz to be the more rewatchable movie, despite both of them being great. Perhaps Shaun is a better accomplishment, but stuck between both DVDs I'm going to pop in Hot Fuzz almost every time.

Damn i hate this, SotD against Hot Fuzz AHH! I don't know which one's better!

Im gonna go with Hot Fuzz. Although Shaun is great, I am not a huge fan of Zombies so Fuzz wins for me. Both are classics though!

Like Shaun, love Hot Fuzz.

I'm gonna go with Hot Fuzz only because I am much more familiar with action/cop movie cliche's than horror/zombie movie ones and therefore got more of the jokes. I think that's what it comes down to with these movies: Waitingscene above me made this point too. Hot Fuzz has more rewatchability it has such frantic pacing that I discover a new joke crammed in every time I watch it. Can't wait for the final film in the trilogy!

The sense of humour that pervades each film is obviuosly even, but Shaun of the Dead offers a simpler, more cohesive plot. Throw into the mix a real sense of dread that increases our investment in the characters. I actually caught myself becoming upset at the loss of some of Shaun's loved ones; truly a difficult emotion to evoke in what is essentially a silly parody. Shaun is a richer deeper experience.

Hot Fuzz has more belly laughs, but Shaun is a more three-dimensional story, and a better zombie movie than Hot Fuzz is an action movie

"Come and get it! It's a running buffet," versus, "Is it true that there's a point on a man's head where if you shoot it, it will blow up?" Hot Fuzz is a cleaner movie, (editing etc. in the technological-movie-definition.) Hot Fuzz is Simon Pegg's full vision because he had the money to make it work whereas in Shaun he limited himself. Besides, I can always watch Hot Fuzz while Shaun is a moment-satisfyer.

Hot Fuzz was a DECENT movie and nowhere near as good as the classic Shaun Of The Dead.


OH. NOOOO!!! I love both of these! (Both in my top 20) But I have to go with Shaun of the Dead. Hm. I wonder if another parody with these guys is in the works. I'd love to see what else they could come up with.

Maybe it's because I saw Hot Fuzz first, but I think I prefer it to Shaun of the Dead. The story is hilariously foreshadowed throughout the entire film, so you can always pick up something new. Shaun of the Dead is great, but just not as clever in my opinion.

Well here it is. I guess it had to happen some time! In terms of genre, Shaun is a better example of a zombie movie and has caused a ripple effect since release. Would Zombieland have existed without Shaun I wonder?... Hot Fuzz is awesome too, but the action wasn't anything new. It was the combination of setting, story & characters that made it work.

Really hard but i'll go with shaun of the dead because i loves me some zombies "Did you shut the front door?"

hot fuzz is far better because i think the story line is good (very unrealistic though!), it's funny and both nick frost and simon pegg are both great actors in it, especially in the big gun shoot out at the end.

Hot Fuzz easy. Cuz I'm a huge action fan so I get it. But I dont watch horror.

wow this is too hard i love both of these movies too much

If it was from those damn Batman films, Shaun of the Dead would be my number one. I have no idea how many times I've watched it but I'm pretty sure I've seen 3 times in one day! I love everything about that film. Hot Fuzz is great too, one of my favourite action/buddy cop/comedies ever and deservedly sits proudly in my top 40.

Hot Fuzz is very funny, no doubt, but Shaun is one of the BEST Horrorcomedys ever, every joke made in this movie is just hilarious... oh and it got Zomies...

Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the dead r both great movies and this was a hard decision but in the end the comedy Shaun of the Dead surpasses Hot Fuzz by a longshot

No one cares about you Bosman

This is incredibly difficult, as both of these movies are modern classics, but I have to choose Hot Fuzz because I find that I can believe Nick Frost/ Simon Pegg's friendship more in the film.

Incredibly hard... Maybe Shaun?

You're moms hard.


This is not hard. Shawn of the Dead is better than the Hot FUZZZ.

SOTD is too much fun.

Definitely Shaun of the Dead, but that's purely based on my love for Zombies. You really can't go wrong with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

LOVE them both. Hot Fuzz made me laugh more and surpassed my expectations.

I enjoyed Hot Fuzz, but it was a mildly entertaining film that devolved into a Ben Stiller-esque satire in the end. I'll take Shaun of the Dead, because it seamlessly blended its humor, horror, love story and friendship much MUCH better than Hot Fuzz.

Love them both. Each film is brilliant, silly fun. Coin flip goes to Hot Fuzz (primarily because I'm getting bored with zombies).

Hot Fuzz definitely has more of that undefinable umph to it, but Shaun of the Dead has a certain type of charm that never gets old for me, so this one's kind of a no brainer.

Tough call. They both belong in my list of funniest movies ever. "Hot Fuzz" wins, by nose lenght.

As much as I love Hott Fuzz, i am a zombie fan at the end of the day, and the way the took their satire to the next level was so great. Not onyl is Shaun of the Dead one of my favorite comdies of all time but it is also one of my favorite zombie movies of all time.

Gotta go with Shaun, its just so awesome

I just rewatched both of these, and Shaun of the Dead bored me more than anything else. Hot Fuzz is funnier and more exciting, and it doesn't suffer from the zombie over-saturation of popular culture. I've seen a lot of action and zombie flicks, and there's nothing in Shaun of the Dead that impresses me me as far as the walking dead are concerned. I've seen a lot of comedies, too, and Shaun of the Dead doesn't much impress in that area, either. I've seen zombie movies that weren't even intended to be comedies that made me laugh more than Shaun of the Dead. Hot Fuzz is better all around.

Shaun of the Dead wins: zombies are just inherently funnier than cops.

Oh Flickchart, you cruel thing. But I'm gonna have to go with Shaun.

Shaun of the dead is probably the greatest zombie-comedy ever, while Hot Fuzz is good as a buddy cop movie, but to me doesn't stand out as much in its genre. Shaun also has a far cleverer story, even if zombie movies are overdone, but then again buddy cop movies are probably the most overdone genre of all time.

Oh man. Good combo there. I'm going with Hot Fuzz, even though Shaun of the Dead was brilliance on a disk, Hot fuzz just had something magical about it.

This is seriously a no brainer! Shaun of The Dead!!

Hot Fuzz is funny, really funny, but Shawn is really funny *and* adds to the Genre, rather than just spoofing it.

hated both

"Casino" isn't cool. It sucks. "Shaun" rocks.

Both funny but i pre fare Shaun of the dead

Saw Hot Fuzz first, was disappointed by Shaun of the Dead but still enjoyed it. Hot Fuzz is definitely better.

I think Hot Fuzz, being an original story and all, is probably my preference. But not by much. Shaun is hilarious, it's just that I've seen so many zombie parodies already.

I don't recall laughing one time during "Shaun of the Dead," but in contrast, found Hot Fuzz very entertaining. I'll roll with the cops over zombies on this one...

I have to go with the majority on these two. Shaun is one of my favourites

Shaun of the Dead because it has zombies in it.

hey corey.hiscocks! you suck! casino IS cool. but i gotta go with shaun on this one, hot fuzz is a close close second make no mistake.

hey corey.hiscocks! you suck! casino IS cool. but i gotta go with shaun on this one, hot fuzz is a close close second make no mistake.

Comedy Central kind of ruined the experience of Shaun for me so I'm gonna have to choose Hot Fuzz.

i realy cant belive so manny ppl pucked hot fuzz i expected 1 person just to do it to be funny this is not even close it not even somthing u have to think about shaun of the dead for the win

Both are great British comedies. It obviously goes to Shaun of the dead. Close call though...

While Hot Fuzz is brilliantly funny SOTD is miles better. Classic quotes and genius moments.

Both are fantastic, but Shaun of the Dead came first and I gotta pick a zombie parody over an action parody.

I hate zombies, so Hot Fuzz. When I first saw that moment in the trailer where Nick Frost tries to get over the made me laugh like anything.

Both are extremely funny but Shaun gets it for beng a great horror film as well.

"Hot Fuzz" is great fun! But "Shaun of the Dead" is the perfect mixture of comedy and horror second only to "Attack the Block".

Both of these movies are mediocre at best for me. I just did not enjoy them. But at least I laughed during Hot Fuzz.

I laughed more at Shaun

Both Great but i have to go with Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright just became a better director with that one

Hot Fuzz was great, but SotD is a modern classic. It is one of the best movies of the decade.

I prefer Hot Fuzz, it made my top 20 actually. It has a perfect mixture of most things you look for in a film, especially a modern one.

Hot Fuzz

I wasn't that fond of Hot Fuzz. Neither made me roll with laughter, but Shaun was a really smart, humorous movie. Possibly the best zombie movie I've seen, too.

Hot fuzz baby !

I didn't care too much for Hot Fuzz, and this is coming from someone who really liked Shaun of the Dead.

Hot fuzz all the way. I still love shaun of the dead though.

I enjoy both, but I recall enjoying Shaun of the Dead more upon first viewing. It wins for now, but I need to watch it again.

For me, Hot Fuzz was a lot more witty and made me laugh a lot more, sorry Shaun!

I don't find Edgar Wright's sense of humor all that funny (shocking, I know), but he IS a really damn good director. I think I liked Hot Fuzz a little more. And it had Timothy Dalton in it, so that's an advantage.

I find Shaun of the Dead to be pretty much perfect. But so is Hot Fuzz, especially if you've lived in a small rural town in any part of your life. I can relate to the constant old people, local shops and preoccupations with Tidy Town competitions. However I feel like it falls into the screenwriter trap of TOO MANY CHARACTERS. Aside from Pegg and Frost and maybe a few in between, most of the characters have one trait, one joke, one face. Heck, some of the antagonists get only ONE line in the entire film (DON'TQUOTEMEONTHATORWHATEVERWHATI'MSAYINGISTHEREUNDERWRITTEN). Again, I love Hot Fuzz, but I love Shaun a bit mo'. Also, 100th comment. Yah!

They are both dedicated to the worship/mockery of a particular genre, obviously. I choose Hot Fuzz simply because I'm more of a fan of the buddy cop film than the zombie movie.

Sometimes we choose the 2nd movie that came out because it was the 1st movie we saw. I do want to preface my comments with this, because as great as Shaun of the Dead is, I actually saw Hot Fuzz first and do prefer watching that film from an entertainment standpoint. As far as ranking the two, Shaun of the Dead is the better overall film to Hot Fuzz.

Hot Fuzz.

Oh so this is what's happening now. I have to pick one of these two. FUCK. Both are so clever, both are so funny. Hot Fuzz goes for more parody style humor, while Shaun has really subtle humor. Of those two, I'd say Shaun is a little more clever. But it is far from an easy call.

I loved both of these films. I'd pick Hot Fuzz by a hair but damn, are both movies incredibly well written, directed and acted! The chemistry between Pegg and Frost is just unbelievable!

Hot Fuzz is the better flick from Mr. Edgar Wright.

Two great, fun films. Shaun of the Dead is the better film while Hot Fuzz is the funnier film

Two great, fun films. Shaun of the Dead is the better film while Hot Fuzz is the funnier film

Two great, fun films. Shaun of the Dead is the better film while Hot Fuzz is the funnier film

Hot Fuzz for me, but both are bloody good times.

As an action junkie, Hot Fuzz hands down.

Hot Fuzz easy on emo reloaded

Hot Fuzz wins, simply because I enjoy the spoof of murder cases and the satire of the police service.

This is a very VERY difficult decision because I love both films but I'm going to have to go with Shaun of Dead.

Hot Fuzz wins, kinda easily. Hot Fuzz gets better and better for me, Shaun of the Dead is good but revisiting it doesn't really help it. Pegg and Frost have an almost flawless buddy comedy run, The World's End was pretty disappointing tho. I'd rank them : #1-Hot Fuzz- 9.75/10, #2 -Shaun of the Dead- 8.1/10, #3 -Paul- 7.3/10, #4 -The World's End- 3.4/10.

They're both terrifically funny but Hot Fuzz is just the one that made me laugh more, plus I simply love the idea. Round goes to Hot Fuzz!

Hot Fuzz is absurdly hilarious, in both senses of the term.

Well this is a difficult decision. But over-all I think that I liked Hot Fuzz more.

I have seen Shaun 3 times now but Hot Fuzz only 1. I guess I should watch HF again to remember it more but for now I'm gonna go with Shaun.

Both are brilliant British comedies but Shaun of the Dead is outrageously good. Better than Hot Fuzz.

Hot Fuzz

Close, but Shaun of the Dead is a bit too grim when compared to Hot Fuzz.

I'll go with Hot Fuzz, probably because it's the one I saw first. Both are excellent

HOT FUZZ is my favorite



Hot Fuzz wins. The intense build up leading to the explosive finale wins over Shaun of the Dead for me.

Both Awesome,But i'm going with shaun

Shaun wins because it is the more creative film of the two, and has with the best characters. Hot Fuzz wins because it is the funnier film of the two, and the most biting satire/parody.

The plot and the cast is more solid in Hot Stuff. More hilarious moments in Shaun. I honestly think Hot fuzz is better film

Hot Fuzz is a comedy only surpassed by Youg Frankenstein and Holy Grail

Both films are good, but Hot Fuzz is much funnier.

Hot Fuzz !

Both are fantastic, but Shaun is the greater good (the greater good)

I adore Edgar’s trilogy for all of it’s greatness but I’ll go with Shaun of the dead here..

I don't know why but Shaun Of The Dead just doesn't do it for me. Hot Fuzz is funnier, has a better concept and feels more confident as a whole! "The Greater Good".

i love both bus hot fuzz resonates with me more

Both amazing but I prefer shaun of the dead

I love both, but I think I rewatch Hot Fuzz more often at this point.


Shaun of the Dead just a tad better.

Shaun of the Dead is Edgar Wright's best movie