Shaun of the Dead vs. Reservoir Dogs



As good as Reservoir Dogs is it is not as entertaining as Shaun of the Dead

This is a toughy. Reservoir Dogs is a solid flick, but it has its flaws as well. The same can be said about Shaun of the Dead though. I could go either way. In the end I think its the edition of zombies, and zombies alone that give Shaun the edge.

Reservoir Dogs was okay. Shaun of the Dead was probably the only successful zombie comedy ever made. no contest

I'm pretty sure ZOMBIELAND was successful. As for this matchup, I went with SHAUN.

Reservoir Dogs was one of Tarantino's greatest flicks along with Pulp Fiction, but Shaun of the Dead is probably the greatest zombie movie ever made.

Did Reservoir Dogs have zombies? No.. no it didn't.


Reservoir Dogs over the walking dead.

Reservoir Dogs EASILY!!! Shaun of the Dead is one of the most unjustly praised comedies out there

@blippster - "Unjustly praised?" The movie cracks me up from start to finish, in repeat viewings. I'm not sure how much more justified my praise of it can be. I like "Reservoir Dogs" but it feels like a recording of a play. "Shaun" easily wins my vote.

Reservoir Dogs is better by far.

Reservoir Dogs

Shaun of the Dead out of sheer entertainment

Zombies > Aliens

It Zombies > Dogs, letters misked up.

love both they both are funny at times and scary at times over all its like apples to oranges so a coin flip and Reservior Dogs wins cause the solid directing and acting plus I love the cast!

Reservoir Dogs smashes Shaun

I don't think its the better movie. But in my heart I like Shaun better