Shaun of the Dead vs. Zombieland



As awesome as SHAUN OF THE DEAD is, it has only the tiniest of tiny bits of a edge on ZOMBIELAND. Specifically, whichever film had Simon Pegg would inevitably be "funnier" than the one with Jesse Eisenberg.

I was afraid of having to choose between the two. The biggest difference is American vs. British comedy. Its a very tough call for me

You pretty much said it nathangath, each film is pretty much its national brand of comedy applied to zombie movies. I have to go with Shaun, because I had so much more fun when I first saw it in theatres.

A bit of a British humor enthusiast myself, so Shaun of the Dead has the edge here. Zombieland came unexpectedly near matching Shaun of the Dead, though. I have to give it that.

Protozoid hit it on the head: Pegg > Eisenberg, but I don't think it's that close. That said, Harrelson was awesome and so was "The Cameo".

Shaun of the Dead is the better movie, why, I'm not sure, but I love that movie, UK wins

Good match up. I think Shaun does it better.


Simon Pegg was priceless in Shaun of the Dead. It was a better spoof with more laughs.

I knew one day that this would happen. Both are my favorite zombie movies. Simon Pegg's preformance was priceless. However in Zombieland they brought about a new way to do a zombie movie. Where in most it's just about survival this one had another story of the guy winning the love a girl. Also Bill Murry getting killed was both funny, but sad cause he is an awesome actor (sorry if I spoiled it for you). However Shaun wins because it came first, British comedy is the best kind, and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are both awesome actors. Shaun was also a great spoof to all the zombie films that came before it.

I can't lie to myself by saying Eisenberg gives a better performance than Pegg does. However, I am part of a small few who think Zombieland is the better movie as a whole.

Both of these are ridiculously awesome. I could go back and forth all day on these so I'll just go with Zombieland for now.

Zombieland is a very good film with Zombies. Shaun of the Dead is a very good film with zombies and a very good film about Zombie films. Point Shaun.

It has to go to Shaun of the Dead, and it's not really that close. Shaun of the Dead does everything right - the action, grue, horror, even the romance. Zombieland would have been much better served had the two girls been cut from the script and they'd gone balls-to-the-wall with it.

Zombieland is great and hilarious, but it probably wouldn't even exist without Shaun.

Not close at all for me. I guess I'm one of the few who thought Zombieland was just so-so. Shaun of the Dead all the way.


Shaun of the Dead. Zombieland doesn't come close, imo. It's a fun film, but I think Shaun of the Dead was more unique in its approach. Plus, I think it had the better cast.

Can't believe there is even a debate. ZL is fun, sure, but will not endure like SOTD. Rewatch value on ZL just isn't there. I'd like to know who ranks ZL higher than SOTD and by high much. Mine is SOTD #82 vs ZL #642. Sounds about right.

I'll go minority here....I enjoy Simon Pegg, but Shaun didn't work for me. Zombieland just crushes. While far from perfect, I was much more entertained by the Double Tap...

Nope. Do not like Shaun. Zombieland ftw (despite that Breslin bitch).

Shaun of the Dead easily.

I think I might be a unique case in that I saw Zombieland first, about a year ago. Shaun, last night. There's no denying that Zombieland would not exist without Shaun, but I'm in the minority here. If anything, Shaun succeeds TOO brilliantly, on every level. So, while every joke hits, so does the gore, and I am really not a horror/gore fan. (Shaun will bring the number of zombie films on my Flickchart to exactly four.) To be honest, I was okay until the finale, when I watched a guy literally get ripped limb-from-limb and eviscerated. Then his girlfriend grabs his legs and runs out to start bashing zombies over the head with it. WTF? Anyway, Zombieland, of course, also has the buckets of blood, but I remember it being more "fun". I thought Woody Harrelson was fantastic; and that was the mother of all celebrity cameos. Perhaps the passage of time has clouded my memory, or made Zombieland into something more than what it was. I watched it on the recommendation of some co-workers, who told me that the movie was great fun (especially that cameo). They were right; but it also reminded me WHY I don't typically watch zombie movies in the first place. Shaun was also recommended to me (and, in fact, a friend loaned me the DVD), but in a way, I more felt like I HAD to see it (it is a top movie on Flickchart, after all) than actually WANTED to. That could be an important distinction. Definitely, I liked many aspects of Shaun: Pegg and Frost are a great team, Bill Nighy's always fun, many of the jokes were very, very funny. But if anything, the horror aspects were more extreme than those in Zombieland. (That finale is INTENSE.) And that makes it great for horror fans, but that means that I just like ZL better. I will say this for Shaun: It made me want to watch Hot Fuzz again; I'm much more of an action fan than a horror fan. And now that I've made this ridiculously long comment for two films that are really just going to be near each other in the middle of my chart...I'm going to finish adding Shaun to my chart and (hilariously) go back to my game of Plants vs. Zombies. (When is that movie coming out?)


Shaun wins this match because it appeared before. I cant see any other difference between those two funny zombie movie.

Zombieland is good, but Shaun is simply better. Aside from having the wittier, better written humor, it also handles the dramatic aspects better, and the tension of the final battle against the zombie horde is handled so that it truly feels like a terrifying situation, unlike ZL which feels more like a video game. Plus, Zombieland has some contrived aspects that takes it away a bit of the quality. The interactions between characters and the acting quality is nearly top notch in Shaun. Though Bill Murray was cool. Shaun of the Dead wins.

Wow, 2 great zom-com movies, but Shaun of the Dead is just a bit well written

Look we are blessed to have two zombie comedies ranked in the 90% range on Rotten Tomatoes.As for me I have Zombieland ranked higher.In fact Zombieland was the last movie I saw twice while still in theaters

Nut up or shut up, kiddies. Zombieland rules.

Out of the two, I found Shaun to be a much more humorous, intelligent and overall effective film.

I didn't care for Shaun. Zombieland, on the other hand, had a hilarious cameo by Bill Murray, a very fine Emma Stone, a kickass Woody Harrelson and a closing shootout at an amusement park! Is there a recipe for a better popcorn flick than that? Zombieland wins.

I like Zombieland alot, but Shaun of the Dead is better in just about every way.

Enjoy both. Shaun is just amazing though.

Shaun of the Dead is surprisingly good. Real good. They were spoofing the zombie genre and in the process somehow made a better legit zombie movie than anything put out since the 70s (yeah, I'm serious). Zombieland doesn't work dramatically, comically, or as a horror movie. It's just sad hipster pandering. (Yeah, that word's overused, but you know what I mean; the kind of people who talk about how cool Pokemon is with a trailing inflection and an ironic half-grin. That general demographic.)


I think Shaun was just a smarter flick.

"You've got red on you."

Hm, the better made film, or the funnier film? Eeny...meeny...miny...whatever.

Shaun is clearly the victor, but I'll be damned if Zombieland doesn't have a ton of fun moments.

Shaun may have had better laughs and a better lead, but Zombieland had better everything else. I didn't see it as a parody of zombie stories like Shaun obviously is, and I felt Zombieland filled a unique niche in the genre. Had a great mix of comedy and light-heartedness balanced with legitimate action and information to form the newly introduced zombie nation. Shaun of the Dead was simple and blatant parody, whereas Zombieland actually felt like a legitimate but fun zombie story.

Zombieland is a good movie. Bill Murray has one of the all-time great cameos ever. It's definitely worth seeing and I recommend it to almost anyone. However, Shaun of the Dead came first, and more importantly, is still the better zombie movie.


Both are a lot of good old-fashioned family fun,but I laughed harder,related more and had a better time in Zombieland.

Both are hilarious charming zombie references, but Shaun is a better effort here.

Shaun of the Dead>Zombieland