Mission: Impossible vs. Blow Out



DePalma v DePalma. Obviously you have to go with Blow Out.

DePalma is one of my fav directors at least top 50 but I find a lot that I love in Mission Impossible its a way more action packed and fu n film but Blow Out is so weird and its a crazy ass film I think its the better of the two but man there been 4 and soon 5 MI films that are all great!

Mission Impossible is one of the perfect examples of what a well done blockbuster should be like and it has managed to continually rank high among the entries of one of the greatest action franchises in film history. Both films have sizeable amounts of great tension and camerawork, but I personally prefer Blow Out for its outstanding directing, cinematography and use of tension. I can't understand how Blow Out has never become as popular as a lot of lesser movies from the 80s

Mission Impossible is the easy winner for me...