The Conjuring 2 vs. The Conjuring



I prefer the second bit by a little.

The sequel was goofier, but also probably more tension-filled. But I have to go with the restraint of the original.

The second was a very good horror sequel but I felt it never hit the heights of the original. The original felt much more grounded and felt very real whereas the second felt a little too much like a movie at times. Both are a breath of fresh air for modern horror films though.

Ouch! Tough matchup. I have to rewatch the original, but right now I'm leaning towards the sequel - perhaps a tad scarier.

Tough but I think the Conjuring 2 was better

Loved the sequel but I still prefered the first movie.

I love both, but I prefer the sequel by just a tiny bit. The Conjuring had the better spectacle and scares, but the sequel had the better character moments, even if some of it is so schmaltzy that it makes Spielberg cringe (I actually didn't mind it). Two very solid blockbuster horror films, the best in a decade.

I enjoyed the original more because of its rustic setting. Felt more authentic.

I have to go with the first one. I really like the first one, it's not ground-breaking but works really well and doesn't rely on the usual horror tropes. I was really disappointed by the sequel, it's not terrible but I found the plot really contrived and just a bit silly at times. Wanted to like it but it's a complete miss for me, at least it was better than The Nun.