Hannibal vs. Red Dragon



on 4/8/2010

Best of the series vs. the worst (but still good one)

on 9/9/2010

Red Dragon gets my vote. Not only is it more engaging, but it also features Edward Norton.

on 1/23/2011

Hannibal was, like the novel, slick, well-made trash that captured the gore but none of the gritty horror of the earlier Harris novels. Red Dragon, while still flawed and relying too much on star power and cliché, captures that mood very well, is better-acted and MUCH scarier. Hannibal is a great character, but he doesn't work as the center of a film; it gets too gimmicky.

on 10/2/2012

Perhaps the only instance where a Brett Ratner film is way better than a Ridley Scott film.

on 5/8/2018

Red Dragon isn't Silence of the Lambs, that is for sure, but thankfully it isn't Hannibal, which is a trainwreck

on 5/8/2018

Hannibal>Red Dragon

on 4/8/2019

Both are ok but I liked Hannibal just a bit more