Hannibal vs. The Silence of the Lambs



I had to get it eventually. Fortunately, it's an easy choice.

easy pick! Hannibal was a big disappointment

HANNIBAL was all gore and hack/slash. SILENCE was psychological brilliance. No contest.

Of the movies with Hopkins as Hannibal Lector Hannibal is the weakest, but still OK

The Silence of the Lambs is a cinematic landmark. Hannibal...just isn't.

I liked Silence of the Lambs too bad Manhunter wasn't a choice.

No contest here. Silence of the Lambs ate Hannibal's liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Seriously? BWAHAHAHAHA.....


This is a no brainer. The film with Jodie is far superior to the gory remake without her.

Agree, no contest at all. Silence deserves all the love it gets whereas Hannibal is right there with Caddyshack 2, Highlander 2 and Crystal Skull as sequels that should have never seen the light of day.

I really liked Hannibal, and enjoyed the book as well. Seeing Lecter living the kind of life he was meant for- art, culture, preying at will, was interesting and the locations were beautiful. The film had a great score, and strong performances all around. Silence of the Lambs is better in nearly every way, but it's not as though Hannibal is a cheap throwaway sequel- there is real artistry and care in the way the film was done, and I think it's been underrated more due to the cookie-cutter sequels that followed.

I think it's kinda underrated, myself. But this one's still easy. Silence of the Lambs, all the way.

The Florence scenes in Hannibal were so beautifully shot. And Gary Oldman... what an actor. I prefer Hannibal although Ray Liotta's exposed brain is as ridiculous stuff can possibly get.

Hannibal is a very good movie, but Silence is a masterpiece.

It's too bad, I loved the feel of Hannibal on the run, but it lead itself to be driven by 'fan demanded gore'. (Still a good movie to watch, but not as good as Silence)

This should be unanimous.

The Silence of the Lambs. I will say though, Hannibal IS a pretty funny comedy.

Silence of the Lambs

Hannibal was okay, but Silence's a classic.

Not a popular opinion but I preferred Hannibal, I think having him on the run in Europe was a better plot, I certainly liked the multifaceted approach. The gore was probably too much, and as someone else mentioned, the Liotta scenes seemed somewhat out of place. Having said that I did appreciate the antagonist (not Dr Lector) of Lambs, having a view into the life of a abductor and murderer was particularly chilling.

Silence is a masterpiece meanwhile Hannibal was disappointing.