Dawn of the Planet of the Apes vs. Planet of the Apes



No comments!? Wow. Dawn was a more powerful film I thought. 1968 has a great story but it hasn't aged very well. The darker tone of Dawn is more for me.

The original by far for me. Dawn was way too cliched, and it had piss poor characters; I highly prefer Rise.

The classic and it's not even a contest. But I really liked Dawn though.

I will cut you, MysticSpoon. ;)

Don't cut up my brain, you bloody baboon!

I was one of the minority that preferred Rise to Dawn a lot, but I'd still take Dawn over the original which really didn't do anything for me.

MysticSpoon is correct. And after watching War, I saw Dawn as nothing but setup. Can't stand on it's own to be frank. The original still remains a masterpiece of Science Fiction and it has a more compelling story!