One Hour Photo vs. Mrs. Doubtfire



Robin Williams Vs. Robin Williams

His performance in Mrs. Doubtfire is quite good, even though Romanek's feature debut was awesome... Hard call!

I can understand liking Doubtfire better, but he gave one of the most incredible performances in One Hour Photo. He did nothing but steadily creep me out more and more throughout the film and by the end I realized I never saw Robin Williams in that movie. I just saw the creepy guy I never wanted to meet.

I will give this one to "One Hour Photo." I felt this was one of Robin WIlliams' best roles. You could really see the character and not just the actor. This was really Robin Williams playing a role and not just Robin WIlliams being funny (which he does really really well) Its a shame this movie will lose some of its relevance with the demise of film and rise of digital photography.

One Hour Photo: surprisingly i really didn't find Robin Williams creepy in this movie. He was a sad, lonely man who could only act as a voyeur in order to gain an insight into normal relationships. I never knew this actor could act and display such longing, confusion and a sense of confliction. Mrs Doubtfire is far, far more creepy as the kids witness gender confusion, a bitter father figure and Sally Field as a bit of a cow!! :)

One Hour Photo is perhaps Robin Williams' best performance. Mrs. Doubtfire, not so much.


Robin Williams was terrific in both these films but Williams went beyond himself and created a new character with One Hour Photo (the superior film).

Tough choice... Mrs. Doubtfire is entertaining, but Williams acts his socks off in One Hour Photo. I think it has to go to Mrs. Doubtfire though, for rewatchability.

While I actually, unlike most people probably, much prefer serious, creepy Robin Williams to funny Robin Williams, overall thought I find Mrs. Doubtfire a much more enjoyable film overall so that gets the first. His performance in One Hour Photo is brilliant though.

One Hour Photo is the finer film.

I never really saw the appeal of Mrs. Doubtfire. One Hour Photo gets an easy win.