The Living Daylights vs. The Man with the Golden Gun



TMWTGG is a guilty pleasure of mine, but it's not pleasurable enough to pick over Timothy Dalton's strong debut as 007.

I also really like TMWTGG, but TLD is definitely better.

I prefer The Man with Golden Gun its solid gold fun lol.

In general I prefer darker, more down-to-earth Bonds, but my attention lagged for long stretches of License to Kill, which is not something I can say of The Man with the Golden Gun, dumb as bits of it are. By the way, the lead Bond girls in these two movies have to be among the most annoying in the franchise.

The primary Bond girls in these are two of my least favourite. Who wins? The Man With The Golden Gun has Christopher Lee so I will go with that! Living Daylights isn't terrible, just not particularly rememberable apart from some of the stunt work!