Superman II vs. The Dark Knight



Sweet. DC's Big Two get sequels that considerably raise the stakes. Supes gets something to punch in Zod's group of criminals and we get the best throwdown we've seen in a Superman movie up until now. The Dark Knight feels like a crime epic that can sit comfortably next to something like Heat and I think the chase halfway through more than proves that. I love Donner's Superman stuff to death, but watching Ledger's Joker on the big screen is something I'll never forget. I can't remember the last time a villain made me that uncomfortable whenever he was onscreen. It's pretty close, but I've got to go with the Batman on this one. (I'm hurting a little inside right now.)

Growing up with Superman II is just too much to overcome. In time, this may change, but as of right now, I kneel before Zod...

the best DC sequels by far! Superman 2 is the more fun film and closer to the comics but Dark Knight is way more impressive is quality, story and tone! the best DC film ever!

superman 2 was actually fun. dark knight is overrated and lame. no contest.

i like TDK much more, but it's good seeing superman 2 being loved

Dark Knight is so much better, I really don’t know Superman II has that much fans, I used to think it is underrated but now…

Two of the greatest sequel ever, not just in the superhero genre, but of all time.

I'm one of the few dissenting voices when it comes to Supes II, in that I don't think it holds up quite as well as some others on here seem to think it does... I 'think' I still like it overall, but compared to TDK, there's no contest here imo