Ghostbusters vs. Back to the Future



Ghostbusters vs. Back To The Future? Hardest. Choice. Ever. I'm gonna have to go with my gut on this one and say Back To The Future transcends even the greatness of Ghostbusters. But this was a terribly difficult decision.

The only thing worse than being faced with such a difficult decision is making the absolute wrong choice. I hope it's not too late to Undo, Zampa!

He's so right.

Astute. + 5 Funny!

If I had to choose, I'd probably have to say BttF. It was more timeless than Ghostbusters, whose soundtrack and effects didn't age as well. Both are favorites of mine though.

BTTF is for cool people who dream about making out with their mom when she's in her prime. Ghostbusters was for the fat kids that liked marshmallows and implied blow jobs. I love them both but BTTF is the clear choice for this non ghost banging, mother kissing cat.

Bill Murry, Dan Akroyd , the other 2 guys, Rick whatever his name is, good combination of comedy there, if you are look as ScFi movies, BTTF, if you look at them as Comedies, Ghostbusters, Funy SCIFI??? Ghostbusters all the of the both worlds....Ghostbusters al the way man. But both Great Movies

Gotta go with BTTF, though both are great.

Sorry but I have to go with Ghostbusters.

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

"Back To The Future transcends even the greatness of Ghostbusters." Exactly. BTTF is a timeless classic.

Yeah, these are both landing near the top of my list and will go down as classics, but I'm going to have to say rfuller's full of crap here. Back to the Future all the way! It's interesting to note that I've had this discussion with some of my non-immediate family members (uncles and aunts), and since they didn't come from the same generation, they were floored that I think BttF is that good. They consider Ghostbusters a classic, and they all love Ferris Bueller, but BttF just isn't on their radar like it is for those of us who were kids at the time.

I love that this site forces you to pick. It would be so easy to cop out and say, "they are both great, it's a tie," and call it a day. Since it's a dead heat, I'm going to revert to being my 13 yr. old self to break the tie and make the vote for Ghostbusters because, well, Sigourney Weaver. Should the raging hormones of a kid in the summer between middle school and high school be allowed to be the deciding factor in such a momentous vote? Probably not. But there it is. (And it's not that Lea Thompson wasn't cute and all ... but, dude, she's his mother!)

Ghostbusters hands down. Back to the Future is the closest second in this case however Bill Murray trumps Michael J. Fox any day. This being said, if we were looking at their respective franchises, I would have to go with Back to the Future.

I gotta go with BTTF. Both are classic, but if i could only watch one of these two movies for the rest of my life, it would be Back to the Future.

Ghostbusters for sure. It's hard to quantify, but with BTTF, you wanted to *be* Marty, whereas you wanted to join up with the Ghostbusters instead of being one of them. And that always seemed like a more attainable goal - hell, Winston just had to turn in an application. And as fun as BTTF, you can't beat the chemistry theat exists between essentially every character in Ghostbusters.

hands down... back to the future... it's downright timeless!!

Back To The Future wins, hands down. Is one of the best comedy films ever, and just the idea of it is timeless.

I call Ghostbusters! The synergy between Murray and Aykroyd is amazing! Ramis and Hudson complete the group quite well and they all work beautifully together. MJF just can't compete here.

I gotta go with Ghostbusters. The cast is just flawless, I love Akroyd and Murray...and I'm sorry, but who doesn't know that damn theme song? I don't find Back to the Future is as timeless as other people have said. Maybe it's just me.

I will give you and ghostbusters credit that the theme song is universally known. But to deny Back to the Future its status as a classic, i cannot agree.

I have to go for Back to the future. Ghostbusters is also great, but Back to the future stuck with me for longer, and involves time travel. Always a plus.

This is a good comparison. Two movies from the 80's that appeal to pretty much everybody. Who doesn't love these movies? They are hugely entertaining movies that appeal to all ages. For me Back To The Future is the winner because it really has had more of an impact on me. Though, I should say I have a Ghostbusters poster on the wall right in front of me and the Back To The Future poster on the wall behind me as I type this. Both classic movies for sure!

if they ask if you're a god, say yes.

Back To The Future by a nose.

They're both great movies, with wonderful attention to detail. I have to go with Ghostbusters by a hair though for having more memorable moments. I was just watching it this past father's day with my dad, and even noticed something that I'd missed the previous dozens of times. After they catch Slimer in the hotel, Peter is talking about the bill and says, "For the entrapment, we're gonna have to ask you for four big ones. Four thousand dollars for that." I turn to my dad and ask if Egon just gave him a sign for 4k by nonchalantly holding up four fingers. Then Peter goes on, "But we are having a special this week on proton charging and storage of the beast, and that's only going to come to one thousand dollars, fortunately." And we have a big laugh since there's Egon tapping one finger against his nose.

This is difficult, but I am going to go with Ghostbusters, as much as I love Christopher Lloyd, Ghostbusters has the better cast.

Back to the Future indeed. But there's always a justification to choose both so it's a win-win

catapost, well naturally if both where an option; but since the point of this site is to make you choose it could never be.

Bill Murray def Michael J Fox, Harold Ramis def Christopher Lloyd, Ghostbusting beats Time Traveling DeLorian. End of discussion.

Two of my all time favorite movies! Ghostbusters is such a perfectly done movie, but Back to the Future is still done better. Definitely going with BttF on this one.

While BTTF is a classic, Ghostbusters is the perfect film. Always remember, if someone asks you if you're a god, say YES!

Ghostbusters wins easily. We're talking about one of the most cleverly scripted comedies in the history of film. You can't go 20 seconds in Ghostbusters without hearing a winning line, and Bill Murray owns it from start to finish. Remember when comedies didn't rely on flatulence and footballs to the groin? Ghostbusters is a masterstroke of wordplay.

Let's think about this. They came out only a year apart from each other, so it's from the same period of my childhood. They both have great special effects that aren't too overdone. They both have memorable characters that make you laugh and cheer for them. They both involve some pseudo-science fiction that enjoy thinking about to this day. I have seen both movies literally hundreds of times, and still enjoy watching them. They are so close in every way. SO the choice, for me comes down to a few factors. Which movie has the better car? Back To The Future without question. Which has the most F**ked up science fiction? Ghostbusters without question. 1 each, back to the drawing board. I could choose by picking which one I have seen the most (BTTF), which one is funnier (GB), which one had the better sequel/s (BTTF). I finally reached a decision this way....Which one has the better villains? Back To The Future has Biff Tannen. While the Tannen bloodline isn't that formiddable of an enemy, the damage they created could have cause a rift in the space-time continuum and destroy all life in the galaxy, if Marty hadn't fixed it up. But Doc Brown did say it would most likely be localized to their own galaxy. But all of these problems occur in the sequels. Biff didn't really do that much in the first one. He picked on George. Okay, okay, he almost raped Lorraine. He almost ran over Marty with his car. He crashed Georges car while drink driving. But he was a brainless thug, who got what he deserved in the end. Ghostbusters has Walter Peck. An Environmental Protection Agency douchebag that is drunk on his own power and gets too easily offended by some quick barbs. Yeah, he was arrogant. Yeah, he was mean and stupid too. But does he beat Biff Tannen? Biff would beat the shit out of Walter Peck and you know it. Why? Because Brainless beats Dickless. So it looks like Back to the Future has the upper hand, right? But Gozer the interdimensional god that can turn people into hell-dogs, manifest a giant marshmallow man, and turn the world into darkness. Crossing the streams was such a great risk. They didn't know what would happen, it could also have caused a rift in spacetime that destroys all life in the dimension. So because the destruction of a dimesion beats out one kid losing his existence, I have to go with Ghostbusters. Sorry folks. The decision has been made.

While Ghostbusters is classic, Back to the Future is an example of perfect screenwriting. Back to the Future wins.

To hanshotfirst, You are correct, Back To The Future has a script that is like a precision clock. It is a perfect script. But it takes more than a good script to make a great movie. There have been plenty of movies with awesome scripts that just don't hit their mark (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull anyone?), but BTTF really got everything right. But when it comes down to it, this is such a close call that you have to go past the basic elements of the film and get down to specifics. BTTF had a better script, but Ghostbusters had a lot of great things going for it that just edged it out for me. This is one of the reasons why I instantly fell in love with this site. It encourages debate. It is really about personal choices. What was I most impressed by. Sure Casablanca is a better film than Total Recall, but in a pinch I would rather watch Quaid shut down the reactor than Rick agonize over Ilsa.

My whole method to choosing has been this - I'm in a house with a TV that only gets two channels. The two movies are starting right now. Which one will I want to watch? (This, of course, makes this highly subjective site that much more subjective because tomorrow I could be in a different mood and choose the opposite way.) That said, I go Ghostbusters, but regret being disrespectful to BttF. I get more pleasure out of Bill Murray than Michael J. Fox in these two movies. There are moments in Ghostbusters that make me laugh right now thinking of them and I haven't seen it in two years. BttF beats %99 of the other titles out there, but the proton packs are stronger than the flux capacitor.

My method is different (but I'm not using it in 100% percent choices - if I need choose only one movie for the rest of my life, which I would choose? In that case Back to the Future : )

Back to the Future has a much richer fiction and more meat to it's story. Sure, Ghostbusters is funnier, but man Back to the Future is the total package.

Like everyone else, I find this an almost impossible choice. On one hand, Ghostbusters was the first movie I ever saw. I was 3 or 4, and every moment has really stuck with me, from the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow man, to the vortex in the fridge and the eggs frying on the counter, to "Everything was fine with our system until the power grid was shut off by dickless here" .... "Is this true?" ... "Yes it's true. This man has no dick." By comparison, I find Back To The Future to be comparably less imaginative (although by no means un-imaginative). The universe that it inhabits is a little less over the top than what Ghostbusters asks us to believe. The only reason that I favor Back To The Future is how it flows so seamlessly as a story and a film. It's not only a classic because of our fascination with science-fiction, but also because the movie flows like music. There's not a hiccup in the entire running time, not a minute that could be shaved off, and it makes Ghostbusters feel clunky by comparison.

This was one of the easier choices for me. But then again, 'bustin makes me feel good.


Back to the Future of course.

Back to the Future all the way. Time traveling, DeLorean, Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Johnny B. Goode, and the pure awsomeness of the movie.

this is a hard one but id have to go with ghostbusters just because bttf has that annoying as hell song at the start of it

BTTF.... not even close

I think this is a debate no one saw coming. The are truly 2 great movies

I have to apologize. I rethought my choice with this. I was trying to compare the greatness of two movies. That's not what this is about. It's about personal preference. It is still a hard decision. But I ended up going the other way on this. Back To The Future is a movie that has been a big part of my life since it came out. I have watched it literally over 500 times. Probably closer to 800 times. I'm not a freak. My sister used to watch it every day when she was little, and I had to watch it after school with her almost every day for about 3 years. Even after all that, I still love it. I've probably seen Ghostbusters between 50 and 100 times. I would still rather watch BTTF in a pinch. I love GB because it makes me laugh hard every single time I watch it. But BTTF makes me smile all the way through it. I still get caught up in it. This is one of the reasons I love this site, you can change your mind if you want to. I may change it back one day, but for now it's BTTF all the way.

I have to say that Back to the Future was more fun.

I love Back to the Future but Ghostbusters is always going to win this battle!

Ghostbusters. ALL. THE. WAY. Back To The Future is a GREAT movie, but the sequel is better. If it was Ghostbusters vs. Back to the Future II, I don't know what I would do...!

BTTF by a mile!

What a ridiculously complicated choice! I think I really want to go with Ghostbuster because of the brilliance of scientists that decide to start a ghost-busting business...but, I think I'm going to go with BTTF only due to the amazing script that keeps the time-traveling story so consistent. I feel so guilty for choosing it I've cheated on Ghostbusters....

BTTF by 88 miles.

Sigourney vs. Lea.....Lea all the way. BTTF wins by a nose.

We got the tools! We got the talent ! But we don't have joshkneppers vote!

Damn. The proton pack vs. the DeLorean? So difficult, but...

Back to the Future is much better than Ghostbusters and MJF was healthy there would be much stronger demand for BTTF 4 then there would be for Ghostbusters 3

I saw "Ghostbusters" everyday for about a year straight when I was four. Granted, I was a weird kid (my other favorite movie was Lynch's "Dune"), but seriously, how is this a hard decision? My younger brother would watch "Back to the Future" parts 1 and 3 obsessively, and I never understood why. He even made us call him "Marty" for about six months. Robert Zemeckis sucks donkey nuts. "Beowulf", anyone? My vote: "Ghostbusters". Absolutely no inner conflict experienced when choosing.

Ghostbusters is the better comedic movie, written well with a classic line every few minutes and perfect delivery between Murray and Akroyd... and Murray and Weaver... and Murray and Atherton... and Bill Murray is pretty good too... BUT Back to the Future was just a brilliant film, period. One of the best written films ever, and has the prestigious title of being one of the very rarer time travel movies which actually works. Because if the original didn't work, neither of the sequals would have worked. It operates at higher levels by actually addressing time travel in a way where it actually makes sense and doesn't attempt to overanalyse the "BUT HOW?" question which is unanswerable with a bunch of overcomplicated pseudo-science, it makes you accept "The DeLorean has to hit 88 for it to happen... deal with it... don't ask anymore God damn questions!" and sets the scene with that being acceptable. It also touches on Freud's Oedipus complex... Its one of those films that can be enjoyed on multiple levels and has a hell of a lot of depth to it. Lloyd also owns the screen from second one. So while Pete Venkman and the guys bring the LOLs this one to me isn't too hard a choice despite loving both movies. Thanks a lot guys... now you're going to make me unpack the DVDs and watch 6 hours of BTTF...

I think you have to give the roll to Back to the Future on this matchup. Although both are endlessly classic for memorable lines, great performances and original ideas, the general fluffiness and innocence of BTTF gives it a slight edge. You have a very simple friendship between an unlikely pair, which only adds to the allure of the film. Plus this movie will make the DeLorean a household name for generations to come.

Mother-Puss-Bucket! Both these movies shaped me as a human being. They were inventive, stylish, and funny. But, as far as watchability goes...Ghostbusters has a very slight edge.

I have to go with Back to the Future. I love them both, but Back to the Future still feels timeless, and Ghostbusters has aged a bit (though it's still very, very fun).

I think I have to look at this one as - if both were on TV which one would I choose to watch? - I think the answer has to do with 'The Power of Love'

I have to go with Ghostbusters. Bustin just makes me feel good.

Since I love them both equally, I gotta go with the one I would watch right now.

Oh, definitely Ghostbusters! I like the Back to the Future movies, but they're I think Ghostbusters is one of the more novel movies to come out of the '80s. The other one can come off as a little corny.

All about 'Back to the Future'! Marty McFly epitomizes a generation.

Got to go with Back to the Future due to nostalic preference, saw it at the drive-in again last summer...pure 80s magic!

Ghostbusters, definitely. They're both classics but really Back to the Future has nothing on the insanely classic Ghostbusters. It also helps a little that that was one of my favorite childhood movies.

Back To The Future simply because it was able to spawn a story line that didn't completely self destruct when it was time for sequels.

Hmm....tough one...I think just the sheer fun of seeing Bill Murry, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis in their prime duking it out with the giant giant marshmallow man pushes it past Back to the Future. If you want to talk franchise, it's Future by a long shot, but comparing the two films and the two films alone? Ghostbusters.

Two of the movies I will always list in Top 10 favorite movies. tough choice, but I think I'd have to go with Ghostbusters. It was the very first DVD I purchased when I got a DVD player (along with Jaws and ID4). Plus it is so much more a quotable movie than BttF. Very tough choice, though.

I hadn't seen either of these movies in a while so I had to re-watch both of them to make this decision. I was more impressed with Back ot the Future. Marty is just too cool.

Ghostbusters gave me Ecto-Cooler Hi-C, a water squirting back-pack, and a slew of wise guy one liners.

WOW! Talk about the question of all questions. Marty and Doc vs. Peter, Ray and Egon. My heart rate just went up thinking about this. If I were to pick one, does the world end? I'm going to have to go with Ghostbusters. Neither movie has one bad qaulity I can focus on, I'm just going with my heart, which is in my gut right now.

Both are great...84/85...virtually came out the same time in my life....Ultimately I picked GB.....Marty, Doc and the DeLorean cant mess w/ the unit that is the GBs...their GB mobile, Slimer... The sequels are a different typa discussion tho...

I have to go with Ghostbusters. The comedy is better, although I love (LOVE!) Back to the Future. Plus, GB scared the $#1+ outta me when I was 5 or 6. However, I'd take BttF2 over GB2 in an instant.

Back to the Future just keeps itself in my mind better.

I think that Back to the Future had such an original premise, and very well executed. But, I thought that Ghostbusters is just funnier, so I will have to go with that.

It's definitely a hard choice for me, i remember growing up, my favorite movie ever was Back to the Future(until home alone came along). However having re-watched both Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future as an adult (or older child as the case may be) I have to say the the comedic relief in Ghostbusters, was much more mature and actually funny Back to the future was more of a childrens action movie than a comedy to me. So ... Ghostbusters takes it.

Ghostbusters all the way The Bill Murray awesomeness compensates for any dated SFX or Sigourney Weaver you may encounter. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Michael J Fox. A very good match up.

Back to the future get the slight nod for parkinsons.

Bttf. Because no matter how many times I watch it I still cheer when George finally punches Biff. Michael J Fox was my first crush. It's my ultimate feel good movie.

I'd have to side with BTTF. Ghostbusters is a great movie, Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis are a great comedic trio. The plot however is more of a vehicle for the comedy, although even still the plot is on its own hilarious. BTTF, however, has a plot that convinces you to suspend disbelief and thus makes it's own movie magic. When I saw Ghostbusters I never contemplated the real world applications of a Proton pack, but I know I and plenty others all assumed we would grow up and find out that Deloreans at 88 mph would end with us in the past. Both movies include Pseudo-science, but something about Christopher Lloyd and his presence makes us believe that the false terminology pouring from his mouth is all viable. Couple it with a great supporting cast (Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson) and of course M.J.F. and you have a solid, classic movie every kid grows up loving, always thinking in the back of our minds, "If only I could get up to 1.21 Gigawatts...".

The comedy in Ghostbusters speaks to more than just the kids, compared to BTTF, I think, which is what makes me want to go with GH. What a hard choice to make though!

Without BttF you wouldn't have most of the sci-fi we have today. 1.21 gigawatts indeed.

As much as I love both of 'em, Ghostbusters wins. It's simply a perfect movie, I wouldn't change one second. And without Ghostbusters, we wouldn't have had a boom period of "spooky comedies". Ghostbusters is my favorite movie. That being said, I'd rather Doc's DeLorean than the ECTO-1.

I would have to go with Bttf. It's a very tough choice and what I had to do was to have someone ask me which movie I liked better, Ghostbusters or Bttf and have me answer in 1 second with the first movie that popped into my head. And it was Bttf. Not a very scientific approach but it works for me. :)

Ghostbusters. Hands down. I wanted to BE a Ghostbuster then again being a ghostbuster on a hoverboard would of been cool at the time.

Back to the Future...I love me some Ghostbusters but Mcfly is the man!!!!

Both rides were incredible. Universal was stupid to replace both of them. Both are fantastic movies, but I think you go with Ghostbusters because of one quote: "Ray, when someone asks if you are a God, you say yes!" And the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, of course.

My two favourite 80s movies and both are firmly entrenched in my Top 10 of all time. I was just at the right age and saw both in the cinema as a kid. BttF was a simply magical cinematic experience for me as an 8-year old that can still remember, in particular willing the car to speed up to 88 on the ride home. The humour of Ghostbusters and the more quotable lines were lost on my young brain at the time. Now, as a 'mature' 32-year old, I try to use them daily!

this is one of the hardest choices ive come across. i was born after both these movies were made yet i remember them being huge parts of my childhood. id have to go BTTF. dont get me wrong the packs and suits from ghostbusters were awesome and the Ecto-1 would have been fun to drive around in but i would have sold my body for a ride in that DeLorean.

i honestly don't even understand how this is #1... BTTF by a landslide. C'mon people :smh:

i grew up watching these movies, and absolutely love them both, but this is an easy one. ghostbusters all the way

BTTF all the way. Better story, better acting, better script. Ghostbusters is just lame.

I love both of these movies, but only one has Bill Murray and all his hilarious dialogue.

Most heated debate on here? No question in my mind. GHOSTBUSTERS all the way!

This is ridiculously easy for me. Whats all the fuss?

I'm going with Ghostbusters on this one.

No Contest - Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call?

As great and fun as GHOSTBUSTERS is, this is actually no contest to me. BACK TO THE FUTURE is actually quite underrated -- as much as it's loved -- in both its filmmaking and especially it's writing. The screenplay is a model of storytelling and narrative structure, and it should actually be used as a teaching tool for screenwriters who don't know what they're doing. BACK TO THE FUTURE wins this contest, and not because I don't love GHOSTBUSTERS; just because it transcends the simplistic mid-80s teen comedy genre to which its often relegated by leaps and bounds.

I find it very interesting how a lot of older comments--even those who claimed this was "no contest"--are now indicating that the movie OPPOSITE of the one they support in their comment is higher on their Flickchart! That's one thing that's great about this site; your list ultimately sorts itself out...though it's a job that may never be finished because your mood changes on any given day. For me, it's a little different. "Back to the Future" is one of the all-time greats. I re-watched "Ghostbusters" fairly recently, and wasn't all that thrilled. Still a pretty good movie, but I can't see it ever breaking my Top 100 Flickchart. BTTF is in my Top 20.

I must be the only person that didn't enjoy Ghostbusters. I enjoyed the sequel more for some reason. Everytime I mention this I get a strange look. "Back to the Future" for the win.

I'd have to say that Back to the Future takes the cake on this one.

Back to the Future is good, but its hard to beat Ghostbusters.

BTTF is better.It has a better story than ghostbusters.

BTTF all the way!


Ghostbusters wins, It is a tough choice. But Ghostbusters is a comedy with a lot of thought put into the story, and it works great. Not to take away from BTTF, but if I could only watch one of these movies for the rest of my life it would have to be GB. Tons of great one-liners!

Ghostbusters easily takes the cake for me. As great as Back to the Future is, Ghostbusters is pretty much the definitive comedy of its kind, where everything is perfectly scripted out for everyone.

A tough choice. I have fond memories of seeing GB in the theatre, but BTTF is the one that I've returned to more over the years. GB is probably a funnier film, but BTTF has themes and moments that cut a little deeper, so that/s my choice.

I love 'em both, child of the 80's that I am. Although, I have to give BttF the edge -- it had a better sequel(s) and didn't give us THAT bloody song (which is now stuck in my head after I thought of it) !

Back to the future wins, barely

There is no Dana, only Zool

"There is no McFly only Zuul."

Tough call...back to back summer greats...going with's the movie I took my future wife to see on our first date....

BTTF FTW! I remember being confused by the movie title. "How do you go back, to the future?" So my dad rented it for me, I watched it, loved it and am still waiting for my damn hoverboard...

BTTF wins it by a soundtrack.

I think both movies are some of the most impressive and funny films of all time! However, the one I tend to watch more often, thus it's better imo, but just barely, is Ghostbusters.

I think you go with ghostbusters because it is a very awesome movie with ghost and etc.

Very tough choice Both movies have very funny story I think ghost busters tho It just feels like it

Both are great, but I would take Ghostbusters. A little more adult humor and metaphors and a catchy Ray Parker Jr. song to boot. That's a big Twinkie!

Not that close really, both were great but Back To The Future was an instant Americana classic. Wins in a pretty big way.

Has to be Back to the Future. Ghostbusters has better funny lines, but Future has a better story. As far as songs, I'll take Johnny B. Goode, Earth Angel, and Power of Love over Ghostbusters and Cleaning Up The Town.

Both of these films I came to love during my childhood. And if I had to choose based on my childhood memories which movie I would rather watch, it would be Ghostbusters. Plus, I own a Ghostbusters shirt and not a BTTF shirt.

Two movies I find are highly overrated due to nostalgia.

Gotta give it to Ghostbusters. Yes, BttF is a fantastic film, but the idea of hunting ghosts with a frickin' proton pack is too awesome.

have to resort to childhood nostalgia to decide. i saw ghostbusters on release in the cinema in '84 but it was a few years before i got to see back to the future.

It's going to be weird when there are thousands of discussions with this many comments...

I prefer Bact to the Future, Ghostbusters is good but Back to the Future is definitely better and it's from one of my favourite directors Robert Zemeckis.

Both classics in the 1980's pantheon: but it boils down to this for me... Who would you rather be... Venkmen or McFly? Exactly. Ghostbusters wins.

It breaks my heart to go against Bill Murray, but I have to say Back to the Future. It's one of those movies I will watch every single time I come across it flipping through the channels. I can't say the same for Ghostbusters, despite liking it a lot. BttF is nonstop greatness while I feel that GB has some spots when it drags a little.

Back to the Future has the better sequel(s). I love the cast of Ghostbusters but the special effects didn't age very good (they looked kind of bad back in '84) In BttF there aren't as many bad special effects thus it aged better. I love both movies - but since there can be only one: I pick Back to the Future (and it's sequels....)

After a recent re-watch of both, BTTF holds up as a movie much, much better. I found that my love of Ghostbusters is largely attributable to nostalgia; in fact, the plot of the movie is simplistic and the ending is pretty conventional. Future never, ever lets down. Back to the Future will win, and it deserves to.

This is a tough call, and as great as Ghostbusters is, I have to go with Back to the Future as the better movie. Ghostbusters is perhaps of the best sci-fi comedy ever, but BTTF is a great comedy/sci-fi/adventure/romance/family movie that appeals to everyone. It's got a fantastic story, wonderful characters, great music, and a time machine car!

Gotta go with Doc Brown and Marty McFly, both films are absolutely gold in terms of entertaiment though.

You have to give it to Ghostbusters. Back to the Future is good, but a little corny. Marty's "Aww shucks" attitude gets old, while the ensemble in Ghostbusters keeps the movie upbeat throughout.

I'm going to have to say Back To The Future here. Ghostbusters was good and my initial instinct but with all that came of it and the iconic characters of Marty McFly and Doc Brown you can't really have that be matched by the Ghostbusters team, no matter how cool and funny they may be. The two directors here are also great and were in the prime of their good days in my opinion. You've got Robert Zemeckis and Ivan Reitman. If you don't consider their overall contributions to film (which for Ivan constitutes his son as well) then it's a bit easier. The movies both gave birth to sequels as well and considering how those are pulled off in relation to what the original movies initially provided for a sequel it becomes even simpler to see that Back To The Future should win, even though Ghostbusters remains pretty close. Hope that made sense...

Might just be because Ghostbusters is fresher in my mind than both Back to the Future and Back to the Future part II, but I cannot deny the sheer chemistry involved in Ghostbusters here. Really need to rewatch the Back to the Future trilogy, though.

Even if ghostbuster is hilarious ,back to the futur is a legend.... The idea of going back to change people minds and make them better is great ,not only because they are funny ,but just because ,they can change the past to kill all the pains and regretts , the ghosbusters are the the funny guys fighting loneliness and killing demons our demons......

Back to the Future definitely destroys (just a minuscule amount of destruction :P) Ghostbusters, just because BttF established a greater mythos than Ghostbusters. You were taken to 4 different points in time, with different (but strikingly similar) characters all connected to create the classic story of Marty Mcfly and his friend Doc Brown and their time traveling Delorean. Ghostbusters is amazing, and in my opinion, beats BttF in the comedy factor. Bill Murray is charismatic, and so is the rest of the cast, all with contrasting personalities. Nevertheless, I think it was a very linear and fixed story, with a start and a finish. Back to the Future wins.

It is literally impossible to pick. I mean I love Back to the future, I'm the only person i know that argues it is the best trilogy of the big three (star wars, Indiana jones, Back to the Future) quite possible the best trilogy ever. but ghostbusters is just as good. This is literally the most difficult decision anyone on this earth or any other could make.

Changed my mind. Ghostbusters is really only great because of the cast's chemistry. Back to the Future is great for numerous reasons.

dude the ghostbusters series had a long run but I'm going with this..... Back to the Future, FTW!!!!

I've always been a huge fan of the Back to the Future trilogy, but Ghostbusters has been my favourite movie for the past 20 odd years and I can still watch it every year and enjoy it.

Each are staples of my childhood but I have trouble deciding because... the Ghostbusters + sequels wins over the original Back To The Future + sequels. The original movies on their own? Back To The Future (after much hemming and haw-ing.) Great memories of a great Halloween one year.

(Now that was hilarious...)

Haven't seen Ghostbusters in a while so maybe that's what's fueling my leaning toward BTTF. Both good. I still think it's weird that this is so heavily commented upon. Can't remember when I ever heard a debate over this one.

Ghost busters

I wasn't alive when these movies came out, so I don't see these two movies that often. But, the one that I liked the most was Back to the Future.

Back to the Future is better. Ghostbusters is also a great movie but if we're talking desert island entertainment, it's gotta be Marty McFly and Doc Brown all the way!!!!!!!!!! 1.21 jigawatts!!!!!!!!!

Back to the Future NO DOUBT, never gets old and has the greatest foreshadowing ive scene in any movie, very very witty!!

damn...seen forgive me, im a math major...not english

I am really on the fence here, I appreciate Ghost Busters for the adult humour in it and the timeless catch phrases, however back to the future made me laugh as well and challenged my head with all the time travel story lines. In the end though I felt ghost busters could of ended at 1 but back to the future made me want to see all the sequels. Back to the future but only by a inch.

I loved both films as a teenager but 25 years later I still LOVE Back to the Future. So it's BTTF for me. I look forward to the Ghostbusters remake, but I will be PISSED if they ever remake BTTF. It just doesn't need it.

This is the battle of my childhood. I've loved both films since I saw them back to back aged 8. Gotta give the edge to BTTF though, I watched it (and it's sequels) almost religiously every 2/3 months, I love them that much. Ghostbusters, though it has almost the same replay value (seen it about 25 times), hasn't made me feel as much as BTTF.

I'm genuinely AMAZED at the amount of people that have picked BTTF. What's going on? Did North Korea drop the Retard bomb or what? There is no discussion here. Anyone that didn't pick Ghostbusters isn't a person worth knowing, and that's a fact. BTTF is cornier than the Green Giant's faeces and hammier than Porky Pig's anus. What little charm it had dissolved as soon as my first pubic hair sprouted. Granted, I was 28 at the time, but still.... Ghostbusters has it all. Don't talk to me about the sequel though - the memories of that have been locked away in the same place as my shared showers with my father.

This isn't fair. I can't choose

Ghostbusters was good but back to the future is a classic, I could watch back to the future many a time and not get bored but with ghostbusters its once or twice so my choice is back to the future

Back to the Future wins by a hair. I could rewatch it more than ghostbusters and i think BTTF is a better idea.

I really didn't find Ghostbusters as funny as I'm sure I was meant to. Always love Back To The Future though.

Back to the future is an almost perfect trilogy... Unfortunately BTTF 3 kinds screw it up.. but whatever... still beats the greatness of ghostbusters...

Ghostbusters...with it's endless supply of snappy oneliners.

BttF Absolutly!!!

I have to agree with your choice, despite it being a difficult one. Back to the Future is a timeless classic and works on many more levels than Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters is terrific, though, and belongs in the top 20.


There is no choice but Ghostbusters!

Idkwhat most ur problems r but Ghostbusters definetly surpasses back to the future in many many ways.

I like 'ear'

Hey, McFly!

Ghostbusters. And if you got a problem with that your probably black.

Whoa, this is heavy. BTTF by a hair's breadth. How do I know? Because if somebody asks if I'm a God I say yes.

This one is really tough, but Back to the Future wins it.

I have to say one of the hardest choices I've had to make. I have to go with Back to the Future though. Granted, Ghostbusters has more actors who have had broader careers. Back to the Future to me is more timeless, quotable, and overall ages better. Also one of the best time travel movies ever. I feel it is the best at handling all the "problems" that come up with time travel as well as presenting a great story.

These are absolutely neck-and-neck until the end. "Back to the Future" manages to create a literal race against time, and that final piece of Alan Silvestri's score as Marty zooms towards the clock tower can't be beat. "Ghostbusters" keeps you laughing until the end, but the absence of Walter Peck in the final sequence (save for that awesome shot of him in marshmallow goo) makes it not quite the cathartic experience as it could be. Still, if you're not whooping and hollering at the end of these films, even after the hundredth time you see them, there's something wrong with you.

These are absolutely neck-and-neck until the end. "Back to the Future" manages to create a literal race against time, and that final piece of Alan Silvestri's score as Marty zooms towards the clock tower can't be beat. "Ghostbusters" keeps you laughing until the end, but the absence of Walter Peck in the final sequence (save for that awesome shot of him in marshmallow goo) makes it not quite the cathartic experience it could be. Still, if you're not whooping and hollering at the end of these films, even after the hundredth time you see them, there's something wrong with you.

It's gotta be Ghostbusters, both are brilliant, but Ghostbusters just seems to mean so much more to me.

Back to the Future wins based solely on the quality of it's sequels.

ghostbusters for me. My favorite movie of all time.

Wow, talk about iconic 80's movies.... I don't want to decide

GhostBusters was more badass than BTTF. BTTF is incredible, but not near as badass as GhostBusters.

A tough call, but I'd say Back to the Future wins this one. The movie is one of the best sci-fi action comedies ever made, featuring funny, smart, even touching, performances by Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Crispin, among others, a madly clever script, some awesome special effects, and a great score to boot. Ghostbusters, while very funny and clever itself, is ultimately weaker in all the way I mentioned before.

This is a very hard choice. Considering I love both of these movies. But I think Ghostbusters gets it for me. I mean this movie to me says this is one of the best comedies of all time. It gives you a taste of action and the dialogue is great. But the real choice should be Bill Murray or Michael J Fox. Murray is the main reason I am going with ghostbusters here. I have nothing against Back to the Future as it is also in my top 20. The reason being I just have seen ghostbusters way more.

Wow. Exactly why Flickchart was created, to decide such weighty matters. For me, both films loomed so largely in my early '20s, and both films have stuck with me through the past two decades. Even so, there is a clear winner for me: Ghostbusters. Not only do I still quote roughly a dozen or so lines from it quite regularly (compared to about three from BTTF), but I can chart how I felt about it then and now from the replay factor. While I saw Future four times in its original run, I saw Ghostbusters SIX freaking times its opening weekend. I also had a lot of the merchandise - posters, stickers, toys, shirts, etc. (still have all that, actually). I've also owned three VHS and two DVD editions of Ghostbusters, and I have yet to make the leap from tape to disc for Back to the Future. (I really should get on that...) When, you come down to it, t's pretty clear, McFly, who the winner is for me...

def BTTF...more quoted by me

I know these two movies are 80s icons. But for me there is no choice..BTTF

BTTF for me!


Dr. Peter Venkman:" We've been going about this all wrong. This Mr. Stay Puft's okay! He's a sailor, he's in New York; we get this guy laid, we won't have any trouble!" Ghostbusters has a special place in my funny bone.

Ghostnuster is in every way shape and form a better movie then Back to the Future. I do love both of these amazing 80s comedies, but Ghostbusters would be my go to movie out of these two

Ghostbuster is in every way shape and form a better movie then Back to the Future. I do love both of these amazing 80s comedies, but Ghostbusters would be my go to movie out of these two

Ghostbusters is in every way shape and form a better movie then Back to the Future. I do love both of these amazing 80s comedies, but Ghostbusters would be my go to movie out of these two

Ghostbusters here, and no question about it. Michael J. Fox is charming and Christopher Lloyd is zany, but Ghostbusters has it all- great comedy, great spooky parts, great special effects. It's currently my #1 movie on flickchart!

Having more fond moments in GB than BTTF, so GB is my choice.

I you voted for Ghostbusters, then your a Ghost.

BTTF is my #1 movie, so I'm kind of biased, but Ghostbusters definitely is awesome. I think BTTF holds up way better than GB in terms of special effects and story elements. BTTF will go down as a timeless classic, where GB will always be "one of the best movies from the 80s." As a comedy, GB wins, but overall I have to go with BTTF.

GB is perfect for what it is, but BttF is perfect in several ways.

I'm guessing BTTF wins on this one......sorry Ghostbusters!

Wow, this thread is nostalgia central. I guess Generation Y will be having arguments like this over Matrix vs Pirates? Or TDK and Iron Man? I dunno. As far as this debate, they're both good, and neither is perfect; never been the biggest fan of either (oh, and neither is better than Star Wars or Raiders, so...)

AAAAAAAH! My brain is exploding... Ghostbusters has extreme sentimental value for me, but BTTF works on almost every level. Almost purely on the basis of my preference for Huey Lewis over whatever that weird song was that played in Ghostbusters when the ghosts were set free onto NYC, I'm choosing BTTF. But... I will say that Murray and Moranis give two of my favorite comedic performances. In the end, however funnier Ghostbusters may be, BTTF is more inventive, I think, and as consistently entertaining as Ghosbusters. BTTF.

Back to the future easily

Love them both tremendously. There should be more films like these. Let's see... I have to say I enjoyed Back to the Future just a little bit more. I think watching it as a child might have something to do with it.

My God....this decision is like a flickchart seventh layer of hell. I'll go with Marty McFly, by perhaps the smallest margin imaginable...

As much as I love Ghostbusters, Back to the Future was the first movie that I watched over and over and over as a kid. I credit it for being the movie that made me start to like movies, and for that it gets the nod. Sorry, Bill I still love you.

Ghostbusters hands down. I meen seriously people! is that really such a hard decision. Back to the Future is great, but come on!! Who you gonna call?!?!

Ghostbusters is a bit overrated for me, a bit. I mean it wasn't really that great and I'm not even sure why. BttF wins by a landslide.

BTTF doesn't have slime. Slime scientifically makes a movie better.

Are you telling me that you built a time machine......out of a DeLorean? So yeah, time travel beats busting ghosts for me, but both movies are in my top 20 so it's seriously close.

Gostbusters made us to believe that we have friends to call for the war against ghosts of our childhood, but Dr. Emmett Brown gave us a chance to travel in the time, which i still believe in.

2 of my greatest childhood movies along with little monsters and big and tim burtons batman make my top 5 fav movies from my child hood lets get this out of the way first ghostbusters is a way way funnier movie although back to the future is funny also. back to the future may be more of heart warming story and back to the future may hold up a little better because of the lack of special affects the comedic factor in ghostbusters makes it the winner. ghostbusters 1 and 2 are better then the back to the future trilogy

Who you gonna Call? Bill Murray and friends at their best or Michael J fox and Doc Brown? ...Brown almost carries this one, but what's not to love about the homicidal Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?

Tough call, but I have to go with Ghostbusters on this one. BttF is a better story, but Ghostbusters is funnier throughout.

Back To the Future gets my vote.

I think "Ghostbusters" wins, but just by a bit. The overall story (considering both these movies and their sequels) is better for "Back to the Future", but I think the one-liners and classic overall feel of Ghostbusters gives it that slight edge over. If it was "Back to the Future Part II" though . . .

I've seen Ghostbusters more often than BTTF, so for familiarity and nostalgic reasons, I rate it over the latter. Also, I find it funnier.

Great scott! I like Ghostbusters a lot but I just Marty and Doc take the cake, and by a mile. Watching it again, Ghostbusters doesn't nearly hold up as well as BTTF either but this is completely ancillary to uh, the sheer awesomeness of the flux capacitor

Ghostbusters is an ok movie every once and a while but time travel is my thing.

Back to the future, easily. A lot more fun. And maybe it was just me, but Ghostbusters felt a little lame.

These two are both incredible movies, but I grew up on Back to the future so I will have to go with that. They both have unique and interesting plots that are easy to watch and fun to enjoy.

Wow, no time to read all the comments, but Ghostbusters is my pick. It's an incredibly close call though. GB is my favorite movie of all time, with BttF floating around in the top 5.

I can see why this is the most discussed match-up on the site. Both of them are very good and it's really hard to choose! But I'm gonna try. While Back to the Future has an interesting wellwritten story, which makes timetravel believable, Ghostbusters is closer to my heart. I have been a fan of the franchise for a long time. It would definitely feel much worse for me to vote against it, I just can't. I also like the cast better, the same goes for the car. So here goes, Ghostbusters is my obvious choice.

A true clash of the movie titans. It is a close call indeed. It's not entirely fair to call one better than the other in this case because they are both wonderful for the same reasons. That being said, if I absolutely had to pick I would choose Ghostbusters.

This is not close for me. At all. As much as I love Ghostbusters, BTTF wins by a landslide for me; it’s currently my #11 movie while Ghostbusters is at #168. BTTF is as near perfect a time travel sci-fi comedy film as I’ve ever seen. The best thing going for Ghostbusters is Bill Murray. Sure, it’s fun and quotable but ultimately not as timeless (pun intended) as BTTF.

Ghostbusters!!!!!!!!!!!!! This isn't even a debate.

Back to the Future by a mile. Ghostbusters goes down as a two hour sunday nughtvcouch gag. Bavk to the future hoes down as a classic.

BTTF is much better.

Ghostbusters is good...But Back to the Future is the ultimate childhood film.

Although I wasn't born in the 80's, BttF was my ultimate childhood flick. I would watch it countless times on the ol' VHS player. I still do to this day. Easy choice.

I think Back to the Future is a better comedy and a better movie. It was so ahead of its time and it still holds up!!!


ghost busters is a classic but not in the 'classical' sense of the word. its fun, nostalgic and an iconic 80s movies. BTTF on the other hand is a classic in both senses, both critically and culturally. back to the future is simply the better film.

As much as I love time travel it wasn't Back to the Future that wore out my Mom's VCR in the 80's. Ghostbusters I forever morn the memory of your broken VHS body lying there with your magnetic tape innards strewn about. If only I had a Delorean that could take me back to console my childhood self with the promise of Ghostbusters on DVD.

Ugg, sorry for the double comment post. They really need to add the ability to delete your own comments here.

Back to the Future...nuff said


BTTF i just saw it and it reminded me just how awesome that trilogy really is.

Tho this could change, currently both BTTF & GB are in my top twenty of favorite films. BTTF beats GB but just barely. BTTF is a slicker film but GB has more laughs. The Stay Puft Marshmallow man versus Lightning at the Clock Tower. The Oedipus complexities of BTTF versus Sigourney Weaver turning into a dog. Venkman getting slimed versus Biff getting manured. Both films have great soundtracks, some of the best comedic actors in the business, entertaining special effects and unique approaches to the science fiction genre. I think what it boils down to is storytelling. There are places in Ghostbusters where it looks like they had to fix things in post production that may have worked on the page but didn't quite play when they started splicing. Whereas BTTF feels smooth and consistent from start to finish. For example I don't recall a montage scene in BTTF but there's a point in GB where they kinda fast forward several weeks with a cute montage that while amusing, just feels a little rocky in the storytelling department. We're splitting hairs here, but when the movies get this good, what sets them apart feels trivial. Both films are great rides, but BTTF is a little less bumpy, like comparing a wooden roller coaster to a slick steel corkscrew.

I enjoyed Ghost Busters but I think it's kinda overrated. Back to the Future though is an amazing movie and I think in my Top 20.

This is a tough one. I love both films, but I think I'm going with back to the future on this one. Only argument I have for it is that I watched more when I was kid.

Back to the future all the way

Tough call I'll go with the one that gave us the better sequel.

Both films are Classics and prevail in all areas but Back To The Future wins in my head for having everything that busters has and more.

How is this the most popular discussion?

Ghostbusters is much more fun, and I would just rather watch it given the choice.

Yep. I guess I too expected Empire vs Godfather or something be the numero uno thread. Maybe when musicchart or trackchart finally gets here it'll be Superbass vs Material Girls rather than Stairway to Heaven vs Highway to Hell. I guess that comparison is a little demeaning to these two wonderful movies.

I can't believe nobody commented on this one yet. Oh, wait...

Pretty obviously Ghostbusters, and I truly love BTTF.

Back To The Future no contest. I never was much of a Ghostbusters fan. BTTF was a huge part of my childhood and still remains one of my all time favorites.

Back to the Future , clearly .

ghostbusters it s a good movie but got really old whereas back to the future still kicks ass

both are great but got to go with back to the future here.

Back to the Future has a stronger story and is more fun in my opinion.

Back to the Future 100 % one of my all-time favourite movies

I love Ghostbusters and I love Back to the Future, but Back to the Future is one of the staple films of my childhood while Ghostbusters isn't, so BTTF wins. And even though Ghostbusters is funnier overall, Back to the Future has a better script and overall has better storytelling. Not to mention more memorable characters.

There's only three words to sum up this matchup....Back To The Future!!!

Back To The Future wins by miles.

"I guess that comparison is a little demeaning to these two wonderful movies" unsarcastically true.

I like Ghostbusters, but I think it's overrated. BTTF has a brilliant screenplay as well as effective humor.

Love both, but Back To The Future is my favorite film of all time!

Easily Back to the Future, I thought it was better in every way and Doc Brown and Marty's on-screen chemistry is just too awesome.


Back to the Future holds up much better, imo. It has a much tighter story.

Ghostbusters is very dated now. I don't like it much. Back to The Future is much funnier,wittier,and enjoyable.

Another easy one for me. Back to the Future is one of my favorite films of all-time and is better than Ghostbusters in all aspects. It has the superior acting, writing, and direction as well as a stronger message.

Back to the Future wins, easy. It's humor (though occasionally repetitive and bashed on your head) is very, very funny and the story at heart engaging. Ghostbusters is all right -- it does have Bill Murray and some funny lines -- but it's a little outdated and not as funny as it really should be. Ghostbusters is a reasonably entertaining film, but it's far, far inferior to Back to the Future.

Dude two iconic 80's flicks, how does one choose?

Back to the future has gotta win this one!

Two 80's classics, BTTF takes it.

BttF easily, I didn't love Ghostbusters

Nice matchup of classic lighthearted 80's comedy/sci-fi with retro feel to them. Personally, I thought BTTF was the better movie, but a good contest though.

Picking against BTTF in this matchup is unfathomable to me. Ghostbusters has aged horribly. BTTF is still entirely fresh today, even given its 50s and 80s settings.

I HATE GHOSTBUSTERS, Back to the Future wins easly

IMO, Back to the future was waaaay better than Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters was too hyped up.

Ghostbusters was an awesome movie with an awesome cast, and who can forget Marshmallow Man, but for my money you just can't beat Back to the Future!

Its close, don't get me wrong, but for me its Back to the Future.

I'm a big fan of Michael J. Fox so BTTF wins for me

Back to the Future absolutely brutalizes Ghostbusters.

Both are really fun 80's classic comedies. Back to the Future holds up better in my opinion. Ghostbusters holds up well too but with Spielberg being producer and Zemeckis being director, it is sure to be a better made film.

Ghostbusters, but it is really close

Ghostbusters all the way

back to the future is extremely too much hugely better

Is you the keymaster ?

BACK TO THE FUTURE easily. Everything about it was better than GHOSTBUSTERS. Even the humor was much, much, much better in BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Back to the Future is widely known as one of the greatest movies of all time.


Back to the future > Ghostbuters

Both great, but I prefer BTTF

ghostbusters is an old fashioned film, if it was released today, there wouldnt be anything remarkable on it except Bill Murray who is one of the top actors (not only comedian) in the world. Back ti the future still Works in multiple levels as a comedy, science fiction, adventure,. I like Ghostbusters but it´s more like a nostalgic 80´s film. BTTF is simply one of the best movies all times.

Back to the Future may have had great production value, a smart and witty script and two songs from my favourite band, Huey Lewis, but it would've been nothing without Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd! Ghostbusters is really good as well and the actors were born to play those characters but at the end of the day, Back to the Future is a lot better!

Tough one.btf by a hair for me

back to the future pretty easily here

Little bit of trivia. Huey Lewis was approached to do the theme to Ghostbusters but turned it down because he was doing Back To The Future. So the producers got Ray Parker Jnr but used I Want A New Drug as the tempt track and since the film had to be released by a certain date, Ray only had a few weeks to do the song. So he ripped off I Want A New Drug and Huey sued him for copyright infringement and Huey won. But an agreement was that both parties had to remain silent about it so when Huey talked about it in a 2001 episode of Behind The Music, Ray sued him back and Ray won. Anyway, BTTF is a better film and Power Of Love is better than Ghostbusters!

Back to the Future is far convenient sensational of better comedy flick, I've never prove anything about Ghostbusters which was never my kind of film in my experience.

This one is easy

If i had to choose between Bill Murray or Michael J. Fox in the leading role, id go with Bill. But you can't deny that BTTF is a n original, timeless classic

Back to the Future by further far miles.

Who you gonna chose? GHOSTBUSTERS( the original)!

Who you gonna chose? GHOSTBUSTERS( the original)!

back to the future, but I love ghostbusters, and both are in my top 11

Both are classics but Back to the Future is far better.

Both are classics but Back to the Future is far better.

Back to the Future is arguably the best movie of the 80s. It's simply perfect. The cast, the story, the soundtrack, the humour - an absolute masterpiece!

Back to the Future is arguably the best movie of the 80s. It's simply perfect. The cast, the story, the soundtrack, the humour - an absolute masterpiece!

Ghost users, its really close tho

Back to the Future sits #2 on my chart....Ghostbusters sits at #322


My choice has changed to Back to the Future.

WOW. This is the most comments I've seen on a matchup forum. My vote goes to Back to the Future quite easily.

Honestly these two movies never really did all that much for me. If forced to pick I'd probably go with BTTF, but I don't really have a strong preference either way.