Ghostbusters vs. Aliens



The movie with Sigourney Weaver wins.... wait....

This matchup isn't fair. I shouldn't be forced to decide...ok, Ghostbusters, but only by a hair.

Ghostbusters all the way

sorry Aliens, but Ghostbusters is funny

Aliens is very entertaining like Ghostbusters, plus a bigger achievement.

Ghostbusters is a good laugh, and it is nice to see Sigourney Weaver doing something other than Ellen Ripley, but Aliens is still the winner here, no contest.

I haven't seen Ghostbusters in years so I don't really remember it. Aliens is amazing so it wins.

Aliens easy

Ghostbusters is okay. I don't see the full charm of it, but I'll admit it's entertaining. Aliens, however, has the WOW factor.

Ghostbusters top Aliens....

Eenie, mean, minie, moe...