Ghostbusters vs. The Big Lebowski



This might be the scientifically toughest matchup possible. Let me put this out there: Ghostbusters is a timeless classic, brilliant and funny, almost without parallel. But Lebowski is almost untoppable. many the rain.

I enjoy 'The Big Lebowski' but apparently not on the same level a lot of people do as I think 'Ghostbusters' wins this battle hands-down.

Damn you Flickchart!

The greatest part about "Ghostbusters" was the theme song. The rest of the film has its moments, but even nostalgia can't put it over The Dude.

Yeah, an incredibly close contest. But I think I'm ultimately won over by Lebowski's oddball charms rather than Ghostbusters' big-budget extravaganza.

This is maybe the match up of the two best comedies of all time.

The dude abides.

Battle for the GOAT comedy, perhaps? Jeff Bridges should've won an Oscar for THE DUDE. Ghostbusters is one of my childhood's masterpieces though. Tough one but I'm gonna call the Ghostbusters here.