Ghostbusters vs. The Princess Bride



IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT CAN'T BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hard choice

Ghostbusters because it is just awesome. The Princess Bride is just as funny but the original Ghostbusters wins.

Ghostbusters is spectacular. It's amazing because the premise could have failed so easily, but it combines comedy and horror in a totally unique way. Brilliant.

'Ghostbusters' by a tiny little bit. Just a smidgen.

For ones like this I wish they had a tie button. I can't make a choice between Bill Murray and the Pit of Despair...

While I fully intended to shoot myself for the first five minutes while I thought about this, I have to say Ghost Busters; only by a bit. It's more serious than the Princess Bride and still manages to be [nearly] as funny. Though both movies have also become widely spoken-of (the famous Ghostbusters song and the many quotes from The Princess Bride and classic Poison scene) Ghostbusters, I feel, was much more revolutionary. Ivan Reitman at his best.

The choice to end all choices !! , man both of these movies I grew up with . Both these movies have a special place in my heart, and definitely on my top ton im quite sure . UHHH... crap i'm gonna have to go with Bill Murray and "Ghostbusters"

It takes something special to beat The Princess Bride. Ghostbusters is just that special...

Wow. I might have to go with Ghostbusters on this one but it wasn't easy to choose.

Princess Bride

love both but i grew up with the princess bride it's a little better over all.

This match up in inconceivable.

A tough one, but I can watch the Princess Bride over and over. Ghostbusters is good for a great laugh, but it just does not quite win out.

As much as I love Princess Bride, Ghostbusters is the clear winner