Cries and Whispers vs. Sansho the Bailiff



Dear Lord........ Both are almost horrifiyng accounts of humanities darker moments, yet both films have an optuisim about them. I have to go with Cries and Whispers though, if only because it doesn't force a villian into the film, even if it was a great antimater character like Sansho.

Both of these are perfect in their own ways. Bergman wins this one.

I enjoyed "Cries and Whispers" but it was quite complex and thus, demanded multiple viewings. Though I didn't fully love "Sansho the Bailiff", it entertained and moved me much more and hence, is an easy win for the Japanese classic. Sorry Bergman, you lose on this one.

both utterly incredible, but i prefer sansho dayu

Sansho was probably the single most affecting viewing experience I’ve ever had, so have to go with that. Cries and Whispers is maybe my favorite Bergman though

Sansho is consistently competent and fine overall...Cries and Whispers is a masterpiece of cosmic proportions, the best acting, cinematography, editing, sound design, writing and so much more. In my mind there is no competition.