Fargo vs. The Usual Suspects



Wow this was incredibly difficult! Both movies are legendary in their own right.

Agreed. Tough call.

It has to be Usual Suspects. I can pass on watching Fargo depending on my mood, but I never pass on watching TUS

"The Usual Suspects" was a fun movie to watch on the USA channel at 2 am, but seriously, craftsmanship equal to "Fargo"? No, sir.

The Usual Suspects, but only barely.

I've never enjoyed Fargo. I love the Coens, but I just don't like Fargo. I don't know why. I apologize.

Tough call. I have to give it to Soze over Gunderson because while Fargo is great The Usual Suspects is riveting, especially the first time. Both movies have amazing characters but Suspects is a bit more thrilling.

TUS, absolutely. Was the first movie I watched that really flipped me over at the end.

After a long struggle, Fargo puts The Usual Suspects in the woodchipper.

Fargo was well-made and arty, but I wouldn't watch it again as soon as Usual Suspects.

On the one hand, you have the movie that made me fall in love with movies, on the other you have a movie I would've called mediocre if it weren't for its kick-ass ending. Fargo wins this one.

Marge Gunderson may just be my favourite movie protagonist of all time. I'm going to have to go with Fargo, although it's about time I re-watched The Usual Suspects.

The Usual Suspects was probably my favorite movie ten years ago...but I think now I probably like Fargo more, while Usual Suspects floats around 200 on my list.

I fell in love with The Usual Suspects the first time I saw it. It has one of the best endings of all time. Fargo was good but not on the same level.

This shouldn't even be a contest. Fargo by a landslide.

Usual Suspects seems to be more enjoyable everytime I watch it. It's also one of the few movies that suprised me with it's plot twist.

Not a hard choice for me. I liked The Usual Suspects, but loved Fargo.

Fargo Murders The Usual Suspects.

I've only seen either of these movies once, and too long ago. It's high time I saw both of them again.

Not a hard choice for me, Fargo definitely wins.

Like willhunting, The Usual Suspects struck a chord in me that Fargo didn't. And The Usual Suspects has Kevin Spacey. I love that man as much as the movie itself.

a really tough one, The Usual Suspects is a great movie but I like Fargo a little bit better it's a movie I can watch anytime.

Fargo. I really like the twist in The Usual Suspects and how it was brought out but seriously, it's hard going up against the awesome Coen brothers and Frances McDormand and that awesome accent.

Both in top 10. Fargo wins. But now, Keyser Soze is out to get me.

Usual Suspects wins this for me. I wasn't really impressed by Fargo, while The Usual Suspects blew me away at the end - best ending ever in my book. I agree, The Usual Suspects doesn't have the same impact if you watch it again, but still, come on, it's much too clever not to win against Fargo - wich was rather pointless if you ask me.

two ultimate crime movies, have to give it to Usual Suspects

Usual Suspects owns Fargo.

Usual Suspects wins a match up of two fantastic movies.

THIS ISN'T EVEN A MATCHUP! Fargo was okay, but Usual Suspects was so good! One of the greatest endings a movie can have! Great story, twist, and characters. Just a great movie by far

Fargo dismantles this film with ease.

Fargo. I haven't seen Usual Suspects in a while, but I think this is a safe bet.

The Usual Suspects it is. Y'all agree with me, yaah?

I'll give Fargo another chance at some point, in fact I need to re-evaluate the Coen Brothers' films in general. But right now, Usual Suspects wins without hesitation.

I agree, The Usual Suspects for me.

Both very good films but I feel that Fargo is definitely better with amazing cinematography from my favourite cinematographer - Roger Deakins. His use of the bland, white snow was truly stunning. Fargo also had a hugely funny script which left me laughing and on the edge of my seat at the same time. The acting in this masterpiece is intriguing and superb with very memorable characters and scenes. The Usual Suspects, however, is not funny and is commonly regarded as better than Fargo. It is a good film but is carried mostly by the brilliant twists at the end. Both films leave the viewer wanting more and not knowing what will happen next but Fargo maintains a high standard throughout the whole film and is, therefore, in my opinion, better than the Usual Suspects.

Both great films, but I honestly can't pick. I need to rewatch Suspects.

Now this is close.


Gotta be the usual suspects

I love both so much. Fargo is in my top 40, but the Usual Suspects is in my top 20.

I'm taking Suspects everytime.

I love the usual suspects but Fargo is one of the perfect films ever made over the last 30 years

Fargo is a very good movie, but the Usual Suspects is an outstanding movie.

I love the Coen brothers' sense of humor and world view too much, so Fargo wins easily for me. The Usual Suspects was a thrilling first-time watch, but unfortunately I don't find it to hold up well on subsequent viewings.

The Usual Suspects

Tough I'm gonna go with The Usual Suspects

Fargo honestly. The Usual Suspects is thrilling, multilayered, and just so awesome, but Fargo is just way better