Gremlins 2: The New Batch vs. Gremlins



The original Gremlins was incredible to watch, but Gremlins 2 did something that the original Gremlins didn't: it realised that the entire concept was so absurd, that it had to be played for comedy. Gremlins 2 gets the win (by a slim margin), but I do love both these movies.

I agree with you. The first one is great but the second is such crazy fun.

I used to like 2 more than 1 until I watched both again recently,and for me Gremlins 2 seems like a mess,but it's a pretty fun mess.

This is no contest:The original versus a vastly inferior sequel.

Gremlins 2 is fun, but I do definitely prefer the original.

I actually used to get more scared of 2 than I did one... in particular the part with the gremlin in lipstick.

Gremlins 1 works as a family-oriented horror comedy. Gremlins 2 as a hybrid parody/horror. I'll go with the original as it stuck with me much better.

I don't think Gremlins 2 is much worse or much better than the original. It's kind of like apple juice and apple sauce; both are made of apples, sure, but they aim to be completely different from each other. Alright, weird comparison, but Gremlins aims to be a family horror comedy while Gremlins 2 aims to be the most ridiculous live-action cartoon you can imagine. Gremlins 2 is genuinely hilarious if a little exhausting, while Gremlins has a lot of charm and features some pretty creepy moments as well. The original is the stronger film, but Gremlins 2 is a lot of fun as well.

Gremlins.It tows the line between comedy and horror better than the 2nd one.