28 Weeks Later vs. 28 Days Later...



Wow! The opportunity to rate the two of these is just GRAND! 28 Days Later was a first, but definitely lacked in the budget department. BUT, the issue with 28 Weeks is that it lost it's super-gritty feel when it gained a budget. What a situation, yeah? So, I have to pick 28 Weeks.


Oooo! This is a lucky matchup. Personally, I really like both -- but 28 Days holds a special place in my infected heart. :') I love how it has such an authentic feel to it. Makes it feel like that event could really happen. And I love how we get to know the great cast and the buildup to the climax. That was so memorable. With 28 Weeks, I felt the best part was the intro; one of the most edge-of-your-seat horror movie intros in recent memory. The rest of the movie couldn't quite give me the same feeling, but I still loved it. Damn, I'm rambling. 28 Days Later for me. LOL.

Hmm. Second one was more epic, but was the first one a better film?

Yes. The first one was a much better film.

UGH! They both were great, and you should never compare two of the same awesome movies. ever. 28 Days was epic, and made for a great first movie. With the extreme low budget they had, it still was awesometacular. 28 weeks was equally as good, but in it's own 'realistic'/military lead way. ugh. I guess.. I'd have to choose 28 days, because it was the first.


Days had a better cast and that eerie evacuated London beginning.

28 Days all the way, surprised it's getting so much love for some reason I thought there was this avid group out there that loved Weeks over days.

28 Days redefined and rejuvenated the Genre. 28 Weeks was a fine film, but didn't really add anything new.

I liked 28 Days a lot better. I thought the atmosphere and overall setting were much better. I actually didn't enjoy 28 Weeks that much.

The atmosphere with the empty London and the always present danger was much better in 28 Days.

I have to go with 28 days. First one and better in my opinion. Cillian Murphy :D

Days. Weeks is a bit weak in comparison but is still a good sequel.

28 Days Later. Both are pretty special films.

28 weeks later

Days was better by far

Really enjoyed both....but the original gets the nod...

Was disappointed by Weeks, Days is one of my favourite horror films. No comparison.

Going witg 28 Days, overall weeks couldn't be that often as good usaual the ending of weeks was despointing

I didn't really like Weeks all that much but I love Days and Days is my choice

28 Days later way better it more eerie and less chaotic one one the best Zombie films ever! top 5 at least while the sequel is good but love the opening sequence of the first and the overall story in Days the most! 28 Days is brilliant.

28 Days Later was definitely more atmospheric and less 'Hollywood'. It had slower pacing but its final payoff was worth it. Elements in 28 Weeks Later are great but are surpassed by the original.

28 Weeks Later handles its technicalities better than its predecessor. It's a more engaging flick.

Days is a better movie in pretty much every way. The plot of Weeks is built upon inconsistencies and coincidence.